Access Networks Teams Up With Domotz for better Monitoring

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Domotz has teamed up with Access Networks. As a result of our new alliance, Access Networks is outfitting every deployed custom system with Domotz Pro to offer advanced RMM solutions and services. Access Networks is the premier enterprise-grade networking solutions provider for the modern smart home. They design and maintain sophisticated network solutions based on a simple premise. Access Networks assists custom integrators by working to specify, select, source, and configure the networking gear before it is shipped to their project site.

Domotz will make it easier than ever to pair an Access Networks enterprise-grade network and customer deployments.  Integrators who offer live, proactive monitoring of their customers’ networks elevate their firm as an indispensable resource. Whether integrators charge monthly service fees to generate recurring monthly revenue or use complimentary service as a selling point for their high-end customers, Domotz solutions make it easier to pair an Access Networks enterprise-grade network within a luxury smart home.

The decision for Access Networks to deploy Domotz solutions in all of its enterprise-grade networks was driven by the engineering power, fluidity, and agility of Domotz as a company. From the robust feature-set to the ease-of-use that fits perfectly with Access Networks’ business model, Domotz solutions have been a top choice of residential technology integrators for years. The collaboration enables both companies to learn from each other and enhance their product offerings to better meet the needs of today’s luxury smart homes.

You can learn more by asking your Local Sales Rep or visiting Access Networks Announcement.

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