Quick guide to Managed Security Services (MSS)

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Introducing our comprehensive guide to managed security services (MSS), your ultimate solution to fortifying your organization’s cybersecurity defenses. This article delves into MSS’s fundamental principles and advantages, highlighting how it empowers businesses with seamless security integration, cost-effectiveness, and the ability to scale protection as required. 

Join us as we explore the most popular and impactful MSS options, including Anti-Spam & Sandbox, EDR & Sandbox, Phish.Control, and Anti.DDoS+WAF. Each service addresses specific aspects of cybersecurity, ranging from mail protection to endpoint security and web application defense.

What is managed security services (MSS)?

Firstly, we should define what an MSS is. Managed security services (MSS) are a set of cybersecurity services provided by external companies (MSS providers).

The main goal of MSS is to continuously monitor and ensure the security of clients’ technological resources and identify and eliminate threats to information security. This is achieved through various technologies, tools, procedures, and expertise provided by the MSS provider.

Advantages of managed security services MSS:

  • Connection of any protection service with minimal effort and in the shortest time possible
  • Pay-as-you-grow model and customization of services
  • Prompt modification of connected services and expansion of services on the go
  • Control and cost saving, including human resources
  • Optimization of investments and conversion of capital expenditures into operating expenditures

Going on, let’s discuss the most popular options of MSS.

This service means comprehensive mail traffic protection based on the technologies of world-renowned software. It lets you quickly identify and prevent targeted attacks and block malicious content, spam, and phishing emails.

This managed security service provides the following:

  • Protection against phishing and corporate email compromise
  • Dynamic threat analysis and emulation in a high-performance sandbox
  • Advanced content-based email analysis with original file type recognition
  • Comprehensive threat detection technology, including antivirus engine, network packet analysis, URL and domain name reputation checking
  • Informative consolidated reporting

With the Anti-Spam and Sandbox technologies as part of managed security services, organizations can enhance their overall email security and better protect their systems and data from phishing attacks, malware, and other cyber threats.

By implementing EDR & Sandbox as part of MSS, organizations can improve their overall endpoint security posture and quickly respond to emerging threats, thereby reducing the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access to critical systems.

This managed security service provides these actions:

  • Protection from complex targeted attacks for critical infrastructure nodes based on advanced signature and behavioral analysis using EDR-system tools
  • Protection from targeted attacks on email traffic and detection of known and unknown malware and dangerous URLs in it
  • Tools for both operational and retrospective event search using EDR solution technologies
  • Rapid response to critical incidents improved analytical accuracy and the complete incident investigation cycle
  • Subsequent expert analytics and visualized reports on the results of the work

EDR & Sandbox allows you to quickly upgrade the service level or expand the composition of services with related MSS services and optimize costs for appropriate protection classes.

Any company with digital assets is a potential victim of ransomware attacks, hacking of information systems, malware infection through exploitation of vulnerabilities or phishing, and other cyberattacks. Information security training and awareness service for employees is a way out.

This managed security service provides the following:

  • Anti-phishing training and user testing with various traps and patterns used in real attacks
  • Maintaining awareness at the required level without the direct involvement of the administrator and your cyber security team

This MSS reduces the risks of leaks, destruction, and corruption of confidential information and other negative effects of fraud. It allows you to verify user awareness through controlled phishing penetration testing and identifying “risk groups”. Phish.Control MSS is a great way to increase employee knowledge of cyber security issues and the importance of existing measures.

Lastly, by incorporating the Web Application Firewall (WAF) into MSS, organizations can safeguard their web applications and customer data, reducing the risk of data breaches, unauthorized access, and other application-layer attacks.

This managed security service provides:

  • Automated protection against threats to website inoperability, aimed at both denying site availability and violating data privacy through:
  • Analyzing web application traffic and detecting intrusion attempts (injections, cross-site scripting, request forgery, etc.).

– Protection against DDoS attacks at all layers of the OSI model

– Attacks on authentication and authorization mechanisms, vulnerabilities, and resource configuration issues

  • Ensuring the uninterrupted provision of web services to the clients
  • Service guarantees for legitimate users of your web resources

Experienced teams provide effective protection against false positives with request classification, signature analysis and detection of deviations from positive patterns, detection of brute force attacks, and other mechanisms.

What can Domotz offer in terms of security?

When it comes to security, Domotz offers several features that can be relevant to Managed Security Services (MSS).

Domotz enables real-time monitoring of network devices and can send alerts in case of connectivity issues, outages, or other anomalies. Stay in the know and be alert when vital network and device events occur. Managed Security Services can leverage these alerts to promptly respond to security incidents or breaches, maintaining network security.

Learn more about Network Monitoring and Alerts with our feature.

Our network monitoring and management software provides information about the health and status of connected devices. Managed Security Services can use this data to identify devices with outdated firmware or missing security patches. Regular patching and updates are crucial to maintaining a secure network environment.

Domotz automatically scans networks to identify security vulnerabilities in connected devices and networks. Internal LAN perimeter scans and external WAN perimeter scans are performed to ensure your network complies with the best security practices.

You can easily set and receive real-time alerts when a new device joins the network. Our Network Security Scans feature also allows you to detect intruders and identify network security threats. Managed Security Services can utilize this feature to conduct regular vulnerability assessments, helping to identify and address potential security weaknesses before attackers exploit them.

Domotz enables remote access to connected devices. The remote connection feature automatically scans open ports for available services and allows remote access with a single click, with no need for a VPN or particular router configuration.

Managed Security Services can use this feature to remotely troubleshoot, configure, and secure devices without needing physical access. However, secure access controls and encryption mechanisms must be in place to prevent unauthorized access.

When discussing user management, we should mention that Domotz enables different levels of access and control for various team members. You can find more information about our security features on our website.

This can be useful for Managed Security Services in managing permissions for different organizational clients or users.

It’s important to note that the effectiveness of Domotz’s security features in the context of Managed Security Services will depend on the organization’s specific needs, the level of integration, and the overall security strategy in place. If you’re considering using Domotz for Managed Security Services, contact us directly or check their website for the most up-to-date information on their security features and integrations.


In conclusion, we can say that Managed security services (MSS) play a pivotal role in safeguarding organizations. Consequently, with the increasing complexity and frequency of attacks, relying on external MSS providers becomes a strategic choice for businesses looking to maintain robust information security.

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