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We’re already halfway through 2024, and AI and cybersecurity are marking this milestone by taking center stage in the minds of organizations’ IT leaders.

The 2024 Paris Olympic Games are placing MSPs and MSSPs on high-security alert, while China has launched its plan to dominate AI and computing standards. The rapid rise of AI, however, is causing a skills shortage that’s already putting organizations under pressure. 

June also brings other news, including the results of the largest-ever operation against botnets, privacy and security concerns around Microsoft’s Recall, and the kind of PCs all enterprises might be purchasing in two years. 

MSSPs Should Be Ready for Paris Olympics Cyberthreats

Security experts say MSPs and MSSPs should prepare to help their customers reduce the risks of catastrophic cyberattacks as the 2024 Paris Olympic Games approach on July 26. Attackers are taking advantage of the Olympics to lure users into letting down their guard and launching phishing attacks, ransomware threats, and other deceptive tactics.

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Cyberattack Takes Down 600,000+ Internet Routers

An unidentified hacking group launched a cyberattack on a telecommunications company in the U.S. heartland in October 2023. This event took more than 600,000 internet routers offline, security analysts with Lumen Technologies’ Black Lotus Labs reported. This has been one of the most serious cyberattacks ever against the U.S. telecommunications sector, independent experts have said.

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Europol-Led ‘Operation Endgame’ Targets Botnet, Ransomware Networks

A new operation coordinated by Europol and reportedly the largest ever against botnets has resulted in arrests, searches, and server and domain takedowns. “Endgame” targeted several significant malware droppers, including IcedID, SystemBC, Pikabot, Smokeloader, Bumblebee, and Trickbot. 

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Privacy and Cybersecurity Concerns Follow Microsoft’s Recall

A new AI-like feature baked into Microsoft’s forthcoming Copilot+ PCs has sparked concerns about privacy and cybersecurity. Recall, which Microsoft unveiled at its recent Build conference, takes screenshots of users’ activity every few seconds but doesn’t redact passwords or financial account numbers.

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Poor Patching and Unencrypted Protocols Comprise Enterprise Cyberthreats: Report

Organizations are still running insecure protocols over their wide area networks. This makes it easier for cybercriminals to infiltrate and move laterally within them, the Cato CTRL SASE Threat Report for Q1 2024 suggests. The findings are based on analysis of 1.26 trillion network flows and the prevention of 21.45 billion attacks within Cato’s SASE Cloud Platform traffic between January and March 2024. 

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Most Organizations Will Have Critical Tech Skills Shortage By 2026: IDC

A shortage of skills in AI, IT operations, and cloud development is amounting to roughly $5.5 trillion in losses caused by product delays, loss of business, and increased competitiveness, IDC reports. More than 90 per cent of organizations globally will feel the pain of the IT skills crisis by 2026. This information was reported by the recent IDC Research survey of more than 800 North American IT leaders suggests.

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MSSPs Weigh AI’s Impact on Their Operations

While MSPs and MSSPs race to adopt AI as an essential cybersecurity tool, pressure is increasing as a result of skills gaps and the need to recruit employees with AI knowledge and experience. That’s in addition to the need to train current employees on AI, a Trellix study suggests.

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All Enterprise PC Purchases Will Be AI Computers In 2 years: Gartner

Gartner reports that PCs that run longer, cooler, and quieter and have AI tasks continually running in the background, creating opportunities for leveraging AI in everyday activities, will make up 100 percent of enterprise PC purchases by the end of 2026. 

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China Reveals 3-Year Plan to Dominate AI and Computing Standards

China has launched a comprehensive strategy to bolster its position in the ongoing tech race with the U.S. and other nations, particularly in the fields of AI and computing standards. Its initiative focuses on strengthening research and developing standards for AI, advanced chips, brain-computer interfaces, quantum technology applications, and computing power infrastructure.

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Android AI Theft Detection Will Lock Your Phone When It’s Stolen

Google recently announced at its I/O developer conference that Android phones will soon use AI. They plan to automatically detect when they have been snatched from a user’s hand and lock themselves. This is one feature among changes that include adding extra protections to secure the phone if it has been stolen.

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