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It’s shaping up to be a blistering summer. Unfortunately, some organizations seem to be letting the heat go to their heads – and forgetting about security in the process. Here’s some cautionary/inspiring news to keep you from finding yourself in the hot seat.

560 Million Ticketmaster Customers’ Stolen Data Up for Sale

Never assume a breach will just resolve itself quietly. Case in point, a 1.3 TB file including names, phone numbers, addresses, hashed credit card numbers, and other identifying Ticketmaster customer info popped up on BreachForums for the cheap price of $500,000.

The ShinyHackers hacking group claimed responsibility for this leak. Although the hackers didn’t say how they did it, security researchers pointed to an MSP and a suspicious Ticketmaster AWS server.

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Formalizing Your Observability Strategy Could Boost Incident Detection by 350%

You probably have an observability strategy, but is it formalized? The difference isn’t just semantic — taking the time to pin things down rigorously might increase your incident detection speed by a factor of 3.5. According to study authors at Viavi, simply having a strategy also improves security in 83% of companies.

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iCloud Comes for macOS 15 VMs

MacOS 15 users can now use VMs to sign into iCloud and other Apple ID services. While devs and admins are sure to welcome this news, organizations might want to be careful. Despite built-in security features, IT teams will need to configure things properly to stay safe.

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10 Cool MSP Tools for Efficiency

You don’t have to accept being condemned to security failures. Instead, you can optimize your workflows to operate more efficiently — and hopefully, boost your capacity to respond to threats. CRN published 10 tools that might help.

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Are Managed Services the Future of Office Printing?

More and more offices depend on managed services for printing. Experts say managed print services will produce a total global revenue of $58.6 billion by 2025 even as printed page volumes decrease. Managed services might fulfill a growing niche as more companies invest in ESG and divest from in-office printing hardware.

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Cisco and NVidia Launch AI Cluster Solution for Datacenter Infrastructure

Cisco and NVidia teamed up to make it easier to deploy, manage, and optimize AI infrastructures. The new Cisco Nexus HyperFabric for AI Clusters will roll out to selected customers in Q4 2024. According to insiders, the system solves problems with deployment, visibility, and stack-wide management of generative AI applications.

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Claude 3.5 Sonnet Released

Tired of OpenAI? Anthropic’s Claude 3.5 Sonnet just hit the scene, and you can try it for free. This new model represents an almost 30% improvement over its predecessor when it comes to solving debugging and functionality-enhancement problems on open-source code. The release also includes a collaborative work environment, enhanced computer vision, and souped-up assisted coding tools.

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Business Are Ready for AI But Their Networks Might Not Be

A report from Fierce Network found that global tech leaders have a shared priority: AI investment. Unfortunately, only a tiny fraction of those surveyed expressed confidence that their networks were ready to take on the challenge.

Despite having high hopes for cost-saving automation, companies are stuck with unscalable networks, lack of bandwidth, insufficient connectivity, and a host of other problems. In other words, it seems like the perfect opportunity for MSPs to step up.

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KnowBe4 Risk & Insurance Partner Program Launches

Security awareness is a huge part of threat management and avoidance. Fortunately, you can get help with training: KnowBe4 launched a new Risk & Insurance Partner program geared toward helping organizations improve their overall risk stance.

The new KnowBe4 program includes discounts, go-to-market support, and an improved risk profile. As of now, it’s open to insurance brokers, risk pools, agencies, and other risk management providers.

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No More Kaspersky for US Users

In a U.S. first, the government announced a full ban on selling any software produced by well-known Russian security firm Kaspersky. This action by the Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security came after the agency said Kaspersky’s Russian domicile represents untenable security and privacy risks for Americans.

The ban also included sanctions on top Kaspersky execs — meaning companies can’t do business with them either. Needless to say, many resellers and MSPs will have to change their business models after the changes take effect on September 29, 2024.

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Channel Futures Releases Top 300 MSP Ranking

Want examples of MSP-ing done right? Channel Futures’ list is a great source of inspiration.

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