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Valentine’s Day is one of many exciting things happening this February. There are plenty of interesting MSP trends and possibilities, too.

Our February IT News Roundup has everything you need to know. Here are the latest breakthroughs and newsworthy events to keep you ahead of the curve.

Here is the list of this month:

N-able Reports Increase in Co-Managed Services

Surviving labor shortages and acquiring customers don’t have to be impossible tasks, but you may have to shift your business model. N-able’s recent report says co-managed services might be the way forward if MSPs are willing to start early.

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Could You Be Spending More Effort on Prevention?

New research by Sysdig indicates that 91% of runtime scans fail. In other words, organizations are doing great at identifying issues but falling behind on preventing them in the first place.

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Gartner Predicts IT Services Will Dominate Spending

Gartner believes that 2024 will see IT services grow to make up the most significant chunk of IT expenditures. This bodes well for smaller firms searching for contracts and long-term outsourcing deals.

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If your MSP isn’t using AI to detect and fight threats, consider making the switch. A rise in cloud-connected environments and other factors means that artificial intelligence might be the only way to keep up with security tasks like threat hunting and remediation.

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75% of Organizations Experienced Ransomware Hits in 2023

Veaam released its Data Protection Trends Report 2024, and the verdict doesn’t look good for MSPs that take a relaxed approach to cybersecurity. Not only did ransomware target 3 out of 4 organizations, but the number of organizations that fell victim multiple times also increased.

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LLM Cybercrime Surges

Kaspersky’s Digital Footprint Intelligence service looked at the dark web and discovered that the large language model (LLM) cybercrime market is going strong. The researchers found some 3,000 posts selling stolen ChatGPT posts and auto-registration services. They also uncovered worrying indications that criminals were using AI for illicit reasons.

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Consider These Factors When Outsourcing Information Systems Management

MSP trends continually evolve, and what worked yesterday might fall short today. This list of four key metrics might make choosing an outsourcing partner you can count on easier.

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Software Alliance Seeks Dismissal of SEC SolarWinds Case

The technology company advocacy group, the Software Alliance (BSA), filed a motion to have fraud charges against SolarWinds dismissed. Although the SolarWinds case was one of the biggest cyberattacks in history, BSA says the company was a victim and not, as regulators claim, complicit.

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Cloud-native Turns Out to Be Vulnerable to Container Escapes

Containerization technologies like Docker have become ubiquitous for their versatility, but they might not be as safe as everyone assumes. Four newly disclosed vulnerabilities known as “Leaky Vessels” let attackers break out of container sandboxes. In some cases, they can go on to access anything running on the underlying host.

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  1. The 20 MSP Group Charges Ahead with 29th Acquisition and Plans for More

The 20 MSP Group Charges Ahead with 29th Acquisition and Plans for More

The 20 MSP has only been around since 2022, but it’s keeping its immaturity from stopping its expansion. After announcing the Texas company’s 29th rollup, the CEO declared their intention to acquire over 20 additional MSPs in 2024 alone. Even if you’re a competitor, this might be a good company to study for growth strategies.

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Is It Time for Router Upgrades?

Older router hardware may make you a target for attacks by nation-states. The FBI disclosed that hackers in China hijacked hundreds of U.S.-based routers in small businesses and residential settings. These devices were then used to build botnets to launch further attacks.

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MSPs and MSSPs Need to Understand the Shared Responsibility Matrix (SRM)

Shared responsibility is familiar to service providers. However, this article argues that MSPs need to be more diligent about documenting and communicating it. The SRM is one way to graphically communicate the limits of your SLAs to your customers and ensure they understand their role in cybersecurity.

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AnyDesk Hack Results in Weeklong Lockdown, Reset Passwords

If you rely on AnyDesk for remote access, you may have noticed a major outage lasting almost seven days. The platform, which serves 170,000+ customers, announced it was revoking its code-signing certificates and resetting passwords after a major hack. While the true extent of the breach hasn’t been disclosed, researchers have already seen AnyDesk accounts for sale on forums.

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Generative AI Use Increased Five-fold in 2023

A report by Workato proves that the generative AI era is in full swing. Although generative AI tools only account for a small percentage of spending, their usefulness has expanded across different business sectors and workflows. Notably, it’s more than just being used in IT too.

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Ivanti Vulnerabilities Grow

CISA added a new zero-day vulnerability to its catalog, bringing Ivanti’s recent total to three. This vulnerability has a score of 9.8/10, so it’s almost as bad as it gets. Cybersecurity researchers also say the new CVE has already been exploited in the wild in attacks that targeted Norway’s government.

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Multi-Cloud Management Report 2023 Goes Live

What might be in store for multi-cloud application management platforms over the next decade? This 98-page report explains the market breakdown and broader PESTEL analysis of the industry, making it a critical reading for those seeking to understand MSP trends.

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Teens Getting Into Cybercrime

Teenagers aren’t just prominent victims of cybercrime. In many cases, they’re increasingly behind threats. Not only are they being recruited by organized crime rings, but they’re also getting involved out of sheer boredom.

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MSPs don’t operate in a vacuum. Despite the market looking strong soon, keeping your fingers on the pulse is critical if you want to survive. We’d recommend getting started by checking out this 2024 Survey on the MSP market. And, of course, you should follow the Domotz IT News Roundup to stay attuned to what lies ahead!

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