Using Round Trip Delay (RTD) to analyze your Wifi Network

February 05,2020 in  How Tos, RMM & Networking
by Henrique Salvador

Recently, I started receiving alerts from Domotz that several devices were coming offline and online […]

Using Round Trip Delay (RTD) to fix wifi issues

Recently, I started receiving alerts from Domotz that several devices were coming offline and online every few minutes. After some quick investigating, I realized that all the alerts were associated with devices that were connected to my Wifi network and are located in my living room.

Ah ok… makes sense. I’ve always thought those are devices were a little too far away from my Access Point!

Domotz Round Trip Delay to the rescue

I opened the Domotz app, navigated to a smart plug that’s in my living room and noticed the RTD (Round Trip Delay) charts. RTD (Round Trip Delay) chart

All devices had a higher latency starting on Sunday, even showing packet loss, which was not normal for some of the devices.

How I fixed my offline devices

The next day I changed my Wifi channel and noticed a significant improvement.

On Monday night I checked the network to make sure that I had chosen the Wifi channels correctly. I scanned my network using the WiFi Analyzer and found that a neighbor of mine had overlapped the channels I was using before! Without Domotz I would never have figured that out. This is a huge benefit of Domotz real-time alerts and having the Domotz platform continually monitor the network.

Even after changing channels I decided to take things one step further, hoping I could improve the network even more. That week I added a new, additional AP in the room. Looking back at my Round Trip Delay chart, everything seems to be working much better now:

 Ping Round Trip Delay and Packet Loss


Even the tests with iPerf 3 have improved significantly with the new AP, see here before and after:

iPerf 3 wifi analyzer

Before and after respectively.

Sure, I may be a bit biased as a Domotz employee, this is the amazing value of having Domotz monitor my network and using the Round Trip Delay feature. Without Domotz I would not have seen this issue, and struggled to find a fix!