New Cresnet Network Monitoring Features Now Available

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New Features

We are pushing out some big feature updates to Domotz PRO to make your network monitoring process easier, and your remote management services even better. Here is a recap of new features already implemented and those you can expect to see rolled out within the next few days.

App Improvements

  • Improved Multiple Selection: Ability to set device type, zone and location has been added to the multiple selection feature.
  • Alert management: has been redesigned to be more user-friendly. Now includes a direct link to end devices.


  • Cresnet (BETA) Tile: Visualization and reboot of devices on a Cresnet bus.

Power Management

  • We’ve added support for new models of Middle Atlantic, Draytek PoE switch (two models) as well as support for multiple devices on a single PDU outlet.

General Features

  • VLAN & Network configuration: now available through the Agent’s Local Web Interface.
  • Custom offline devices: The ability to override our default logic on a device basis (e.g. you may want a device to be considered offline only XX minutes after it is not reachable). This is useful for detecting devices which often go to sleep but are still present onsite, such as mobile phones.
  • Speed tests disabling: Some customers requested the ability to disable speed tests, which we have implemented. This is very useful for those of you who have customers that are on a metered internet connection. (For example in a vacation home or boat).
  • Disabling/enabling alerts for an agent: This is useful when you are on-site performing maintenance operations.
  • Custom policy for “Important” devices: Domotz automatically classifies some devices as important.To give our customers more flexibility, licence owners (team masters) will be able to decide the preferred important device policy for their agents. Available policies include: Default Domotz policy, Default Domotz policy only at the time of initial agent setup and Never.

We also just got back from a fantastic week at ISE 2017 in Amsterdam! More information about this to follow. The next event we are attending will be the CEDIA Business Xchange in March – click below for more information.

Marketing & Sales Updates

We’ve had some big developments over the past few weeks on the Sales front. Firstly we announced new partnerships with distributors across the world,  including Invision (UK), Avation (AUS) Prase (IT), AV EMEA (EU) and Visivo (HK/SG). These partnerships will not only bring Domotz PRO to more integration companies around the world, but will also give our current Dealers easier and quicker access to Domotz boxes as and when they need them.

Our second exciting news was the announcement of the upcoming launch of our new integration with D-Tools! This new partnership will mean faster network management system set-up for all D-Tools users. The D-Tools SI software is used in over 5,000 companies globally to increase productivity and efficiency by bringing together estimation, system design, and project management into a single data-driven process. Now any user writing specifications for a project with D-Tools will be able to upload all device information to Domotz PRO; without having to re-input device names and location information!

Network Management System - Simplified Set-Up D-Tools

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