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Thank you to everyone who responded on Reddit to the giveaway we ran for 10 free Raspberry Pi2’s with the Domotz Network Monitoring and Remote Tech Support system installed. We did the giveaway to celebrate our v1 product launch at CES in Las, Vegas last week.  To recap a few of the highlights, during CES we had more than 500 visitors come to our booth to demo Domotz and we were scouted by Best Buy executives to take part in “Best Buy Start-Up Night;” a private event where we had the chance to pitch Domotz to the company’s CEO and management team. We were also featured in articles on Tom’s Guide and Gear Patrol. After a year of building the software, it felt amazing to finally see our product come to life and we’re really excited for the year ahead!!!

If you are interested in trying Domotz but didn’t win the giveaway, you can still try our network monitoring and remote tech support system for free on any existing Raspberry Pi. Domotz can be installed on any existing Raspberry Pi and we’re currently offering 3 months of free service. This won’t always be the case (eventually new users will only get 1 month of free Domotz), so if you’re even slightly interested in remote network and device monitoring – get your Domotz up and running today so you don’t miss out. We have even had a few users get the system running on a Raspberry Pi Zero for about $15. So you can try installing Domotz on your Pi Zero as well.

Giancarlo, our VP of Development has scraped the list of 357 respondents and below you’ll find the 10 winners of the free Raspberry Pi2 giveaway. If your name is on the list below, please email support@domotz.com so that we can organize delivery details.

  • __8ball__
  • Alberthrocks
  • r92cd
  • summed
  • Daruso
  • daKEEBLERelf
  • Goaldphish
  • Upside-down_Potato
  • _cortex
  • BumpyRocketFrog

And, we are also offering an 11th free Raspberry Pi with Domotz installed to Wizzle-Stick just for helping out with the thread! Thanks @Wizzle-Stick.

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