What SNMP data can I see in Domotz Network Monitoring Software?

Default SNMP data is broken down into two types on Domotz.

  1. Automatically gathered SNMP data
  2. Custom SNMP data retrieved based on OIDs

For standard devices and network switches, the data we show will depend on the whether we explicitly support the device or not and is broken down into information we can display, and device capabilities we can manipulate.

Automatically gathered SNMP data

For all standard SNMP devices we display:

  • info: inbound/outbound traffic
  • info: admin and operation status
  • info: incoming/outgoing errors and packed discards
  • info: name and description of the port
  • info: device name, system description, and system model
  • capability: Ability to customize/edit the SNMP community strings (read/write).

For fully supported network switches, in addition to the data listed above, the following are available if supported by the device:

  • Info: Automatic port mapping
  • Info: PoE Status (where applicable)
  • capability: PoE commands (on/off and reboot where supported)

Custom SNMP data retrieved via OIDs

For all devices that publish SNMP data, we have introduced Domotz Eyes which can be configured as SNMP Sensors to monitor SNMP data available via custom OIDs. You can then create Alerts based on these SNMP Sensor values.