What remote network management features does the Domotz Pro software include?

IT Professional: Remote Network Management Features

Domotz Pro offer a host of remote network management features available to all software users including:

  • Network and Device Monitoring: Monitoring of an unlimited number of devices per network, SNMP monitoring, Multi-VLAN/Subnet support, latency and automated network mapping.
  • Network and Device Alerts: Alerts can be configured for network status,  device offline and new device discovered. Unlimited alerts can be configured per agent.
  • Network Diagnostics: Speed tests, internet health, network history log, Ethernet port monitoring.
  • Power Management: Remote Power management, Power Reboot, PoE, Wake-on-LAN, support for Network Switches & PDU’s.
  • Remote Device Access: Remote access is support for Web, Console and Remote Desktop connections. The supported protocols include; http, https, RDP, and Telnet connections.

Integration Company: Remote Network Management Features

Domotz Pro also includes remote network management features that are specifically designed for integration companies including:

  • Automation System Integration: Built in support for automation systems (Control4, Crestron, Lutron, AMX) and many more coming soon.
  • Customer Facing App & Reports: A customizable app integration companies can give to their customers for engagement and client care. Downloadable reports for the last 30 days.
  • Manufacturer Support: Integration Companies can also share a remote network with a hardware manufacturers for a more effective and streamlined troubleshooting session.
  • Multi-Protocol Support: the software supports IP, Cresnet and ZigBee protocols and there are plans to add more protocols in the future
  • Team Management: Different levels of access for team members in an organization. Add/delete team members and assign roles.

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