Domotz Pro Comparison: How does the software compare with other network monitoring systems? 

Domotz Pro Comparison: The Domotz remote network monitoring software offers a number of benefits over other systems available on the market.

  • Monitoring via MAC address: Domotz monitors and tracks devices by MAC address rather than by IP address.
  • User friendly GUI: our system is entirely focused around mobile and user friendliness
  • Unlimited devices: no limit to the number of devices that can be monitored. We charge a flat, transparent service fee whereas other systems charge per device or alert
  • Security and encryption: When you connect to a device remotely, we create a secure and unique ssh tunnel. With many other systems you are given a web link, which can be copied and sent to anyone.
  • Remote connectivity: our software supports RDP/SSH and Telnet connection
  • Remote power management: We support a variety of IP controllable power plugs (digital logger, wattbox, APC…) and we are adding more every week.
  • Cheaper Hardware: We offer cheaper and even free hardware options for installing the software
  • Network Diagnostics: In addition to providing speed tests, we also offer Internet Health checks to diagnose network health.