What Software Rebootable Devices does Domotz Pro support?

The Domotz Pro Remote Network Management Software supports the following software rebootable devices:

Manufacturer Models Notes
Araknis •  PoE Switch
Chromecast • Chromecast1
• Chromecast2
 Eureka based models should be supported
Control4 Controllers • Main Controllers
• Secondary controllers with prefix (HC[*] and EA[*])
• Touch Panels
Crestron DM • DM
• MC
• PR
• CP3
• CP3N
Direct TV Currently only the ones with chip vendor: HUMAX Co., Ltd.
Draytek •  P1100
NuVo •  P100
• P3100
reboot only available for firmware 4.0 +
Pakedge •  PoE Switch
Planet •  PoE Switch
Ubiquiti •  PoE Switch
Yamaha • WXC-50  We should be able to support the following Models (some may lack reboot)

“RX-V479”, “RX-V579”, “RX-A550”, “HTR-4068”, “TSR-5790”, “RX-S601”, “RX-S601D”, “RX-V679”, “RX-A750”, “RX-V779”, “RX-A850”, “RX-A1050”, “RX-V1079”, “RX-A2050”,
“RX-V2079”, “RX-A3050”, “RX-V3079”, “HTR-6068”, “TSR-7790”, “RX-AS710”, “RX-AS710D”,”CX-A5100″, “R-N602”,   “NX-N500”, “CD-NT670”, “CD-NT670D”, “ISX-80”,  “WX-030”, “SRT-1500”, “YSP-1600”, “YSP-5600”, “RX-V481”, “RX-V481D”, “RX-V581”, “RX-A660”,  “HTR-4069”,
“HTR-5069”, “TSR-5810”, “RX-V681”, “RX-A760”, “RX-V781”, “RX-A860”, “RX-A1060”, “RX-V1081”, “RX-A2060”, “RX-V2081”, “RX-A3060”, “RX-V3081”, “TSR-7810”, “WXA-50”,
“WXC-50”,  “R-N402”, “R-N402D”,  “CRX-N470”, “CRX-N470D”, “ISX-18”, “ISX-18D”,  “WX-010”,
“YAS-306”, “YAS-706”, “YSP-2700”

For more information and the latest always up to date lists please visit the following pages:

How do I get enabled for the Violet App feature of Domotz Pro? 

It’s very easy to get enabled for the Violet App feature of  the Domotz Pro Network Monitoring Software.

To get enabled, send an email to support@domotz.com with the following details:
Company Logo: approx. 400×200 pixels, png format preferred, less than 10k file size, consider using a transparent background depending on how your logo looks
Company Support Details: Email address for customer support, Telephone number for customer support and Business address

Since the launch of the v1 Violet App we’ve been collecting feedback from the Dealer community — and an update to the app based on this feedback will be released soon.

What Managed Network Switches does the Domotz Pro Software support?

The Domotz Pro Remote Network Monitoring Software currently supports Automated Switch Port Mapping Features & Power over Ethernet (PoE) for the following Managed Network Switches.

Brand Model’s Tested
Luxul ·        AMS-2616P

·        AMS-4424P

·        AMS-1208P

Cisco ·        Cisco SG-xxx

·        Catalyst 2960

·        Catalys 3560

·        Catalyst 3650

·        Catalyst 3750

Netgear ·        GS728TP
Planet ·        SGSW-24040P4

N.B. In order to show power consumption information the device needs to be configured with default username and password (current limitation)

Araknis ·        AN-300-SW-8-POE

N.B. In order to show power consumption information the device needs to be configured with default username and password (current limitation)

Ubiquiti ·        EdgeSwitch models

N.B. Shows power consumption information (and buttons) only with default username and password (current limitation)

Needs snmp read to be set to public

Ubiquiti ·        Unifi models

Needs snmp read to be set to public

Only port mapping functionality available for now

Pakedge ·        SX-24P16

N.B. Port mapping is only available with default username and password (current limitation)

For more information and the latest always up to date lists please visit the following pages:

How much does Domotz Pro remote network monitoring software cost?

Domotz Pro remote network monitoring software is an extremely affordable solution for remote management and troubleshooting.

  • Free Trial: All users are offered a 21-day free trial of the software.
  • Cost: After the free 21 day trial of Domotz Pro, the software is available on a monthly subscription plan. This plan provides the user with a monthly invoice for all active agents on their account. User accounts can be managed through the Domotz portal.

I can’t connect via RDP to my Windows machine using Domotz Pro

We have seen that many times you need to change the registry to enable external RDP connections. Go to regedit and change the following keys:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\WinStations\RDP-Tcp]

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\WinStations\RDP-Tcp]

At times some additional configuration will be necessary so if this doesn’t work please contact support@domotz.com and we will provide you with more details.

How do I move my Domotz Agent to new hardware without losing my configuration?

In order to migrate a Domotz Agent to new hardware or to a new Domotz box you will need to involve our Support team to make the switch. When you contact Support and open a case you will need to provide information about the agent you’re moving from and the agent you’re moving to.

You can provide the name or mac address of the Domotz agent you want to move by logging into your account. You will also need to provide the mac address of the new Domotz agent installed on the new hardware. Our Support team will use this information to swap the agents for you.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Stop the Domotz Agent running on your original hardware.
  2. Contact Domotz support and provide us with the name of the Agent you stopped and want to move as well as the MAC address of the new hardware
    • NOTE: The MAC address for the Domotz agent embedded in the Luxul Router is not the same MAC as the Router itself. In order to get the MAC address of the Domotz agent follow these steps:
      1. Login in the Luxul router Web Administration page
      2. Go to “Third Party Software” and select “Domotz”
      3. Enable the embedded Agent service, do NOT activate the Agent yet. Retrieve the MAC address of the Domotz Agent
  3. Wait until the Domotz Support team has confirmed that they have modified our system and transferred the agent configuration.
  4. Start the new Domotz agent on the new hardware (or just plug-in the new Domotz Box or Domotz Pi). Wait few minutes (5-6
  5. Connect to the following URL from your web-browser:
    https://[ipaddress]:3000. The [ipaddress] is the address of the new hardware.
    Note: The [ipaddress] is the address of the new hardware. You can get this IP Address using the Fing network scanner or any other network scanning tool.
  6. Once you connect to the Agent, login to your Domotz account with your credentials and you will see the button “Resume Agent” which will complete the copy process of your previous configuration.

NOTE: this procedure is not available for the Agents configured on a lifetime license (given that the lifetime is strictly related to the life of the hardware).

What SNMP data can I see in Domotz Network Monitoring Software?

Default SNMP data is broken down into two types on Domotz.

  1. Automatically gathered SNMP data
  2. Custom SNMP data retrieved based on OIDs

For standard devices and network switches, the data we show will depend on the whether we explicitly support the device or not and is broken down into information we can display, and device capabilities we can manipulate.

Automatically gathered SNMP data

For all standard SNMP devices we display:

  • info: inbound/outbound traffic
  • info: admin and operation status
  • info: incoming/outgoing errors and packed discards
  • info: name and description of the port
  • info: device name, system description, and system model
  • capability: Ability to customize/edit the SNMP community strings (read/write).

For fully supported network switches, in addition to the data listed above, the following are available if supported by the device:

  • Info: Automatic port mapping
  • Info: PoE Status (where applicable)
  • capability: PoE commands (on/off and reboot where supported)

Custom SNMP data retrieved via OIDs

For all devices that publish SNMP data, we have introduced Domotz Eyes which can be configured as SNMP Sensors to monitor SNMP data available via custom OIDs. You can then create Alerts based on these SNMP Sensor values.

How do I configure my SNMP switch device to work with Domotz Pro?

Before (if possible) activating the Domotz Pro Agent the following should be set on all SNMP compatible devices:
• enable SNMP
• set the snmp communities as follows:
• read = public
• r/w = private
• community = public

How Do I configure my Agent to work in Windows/iOS

We recently released a Windows software installation package that includes the Domotz agent. This package will install Oracle VirtualBox (a free VM software) and the proper Domotz VM package. Virtualization will need to be enabled on Windows so that VirtualBox will run properly.

Currently we do not have a Mac OSX package that will run the Domotz agent. However, you may install a VM on Mac OSX that mounts a standard Debian Linux OS and then install the Domotz agent. If you want details on how to set this up, contact support@domotz.com for additional information.

We do have mobile applications available for iOS and Android in their respective app stores.

Please click here to download the Windows software installation package from Domotz.