MSP Services: 8 Easy Ways MSPs Can Expand Their Services

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MSP Services: 8 Easy Ways MSPs Can Expand Their Services with Security Features

We’ve seen a lot of discussion recently about MSP Services in relation to security features. In today’s age Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are required to do a lot more than just manage computers. There are all kinds of connected devices on a client network that need to be managed, monitored and secured. All of these Internet of Things (IoT) devices on the network provide MSPs new opportunities for offering additional services. 

While Domotz is mainly a remote monitoring & management platform there are many useful features to offer more MSP services focused on security.


Expanding your MSP services: Here are 8 useful ways you can use Domotz to increase the security of your networks and customers  

Hardware Asset Inventory

When Domotz scans a network, it identifies and displays a list of all devices that are on that network. You can quickly access information about each device on the network like: MAC Address, IP Address, manufacturer, make, model and type. 

How a hardware asset inventory helps MSPs with network security? 

  • Know what assets are on the network and where they are and if anything unusual is happening
  • Know who comes and goes
  • Connect this information with an Asset Management System like Asset Panda for a complete Asset Management Service
  • Bonus: Domotz plots devices on a network topology map for a more intuitive view of how devices connected to each other. 

Alerting on Unexpected Devices

MSPs need to establish which devices are critical, necessary and important to the functioning of all the systems on the network. 

A Domotz agent continuously scans the network, looking for changes to devices and will send an alert when new devices show up on the network. 

How alerting on expected devices helps MSPs with security? 

  • Decide if a device should be blocked, removed or marked as acceptable
  • Keeps you in control of a network
  • Helps keep unnecessary devices off a network so vulnerabilities cannot be exposed
  • Setup and receive alerts when important events occur on a monitored network – like a Slack notification when a device goes offline


Monitoring External Ports 

The Domotz service makes you aware of WAN-side ports that may be open to your network, exposing it to potential hackers. If a port points to a device on the network that is using default, or commonly used credentials, then the network is completely exposed. 

How monitoring external ports helps MSPs with security?

  • Get the information needed to close vulnerable ports
  • The alerts are continuous, so if you do not take action, you’ll be alerted with the next scan as a reminder
  • Helps mitigate WAN-side security vulnerabilities 

UPnP Port Forward Checking

Universal Plug and Play, commonly known as UPnP, is a legacy technology that allows devices on a network to gain access to external services. This technology was developed to make it easy for systems and services to be deployed on a network. The problem with UPnP is that it is not as secure as it should be. While we recommend that UPnP Management should be disabled on your network, there are some cases where it may be required.

Domotz also looks for UPnP port forwards enabled by the router. It also looks at which devices are receiving open ports from the UPnP server and alerts you to these devices and the ports they have open. 

How UPnP Port Forwarding helps MSPs with security?

  • Be alerted about which devices are receiving open ports from UPnP service and accept or reject this potential vulnerability
  • The alerts are continuous, so if you do not take action, you’ll be alerted with the next scan as a reminder

Device IP Address Monitoring

When a network is being configured, often system integrators will use fixed, or reserved, IP addressing schemes to maintain their systems. DHCP may still be used, but in a known range of addresses. 

Domotz alerts you when a device with a fixed/reserved IP address changes unexpectedly. 

How device IP address monitoring helps MSPs with security? 

  • Informs you when network changes are occurring
  • It can be the sign of a potential spoofed MAC address
  • Helps ensure that your network schema is solid and resilient 

Configuration Monitoring of Network Infrastructure Devices 

The configuration associated with network devices, such as managed switches, wireless access points, routers and firewalls is critical to network security. 

Domotz alerts you when the configuration files associated with these critical network devices have been changed, updated or modified. (Currently only available on Cisco devices). 

How configuration monitoring helps MSPs with network security?

  • Stay on top of critical devices crucial to network security 
  • See what has been modified on a critical device and revert to known configuration files as appropriate.

Firmware Upgrades and Patch Management

It is imperative that service providers safeguard client’s networks by keeping devices and systems up-to-date. 

When a system update is made available by a manufacturer, Domotz makes it easy for you to remotely, and securely, connect to that system and issue the update using features like VPN on demand. You can even connect to multiple devices simultaneously and issue updates to IoT devices. 

How deploying firmware upgrades in real-time helps MSPs with network security? 

  • Saves time because you can issue updates remotely 
  • Helps keep all systems updated in real-time

Monitoring of Physical Security Systems 

Security systems are extremely important to the operation of any business and therefore should be treated as critically important networks. 

Domotz tells you immediately when one of these systems goes offline and allows you to capture a snapshot from security cameras. 

How monitoring physical security systems in real-time helps MSPs with network security? 

  • Allows you to take action quickly on these critical systems
  • Ensure all IP security cameras are online
  • Ensure all IP security cameras are functioning as expected, are pointed in the right direction and are and not being tampered with 

Hopefully this article has helped you start thinking about your own MSP services and how you can expand them.

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