4 Key MSP industry trends to watch from IoT Playbook

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4 key MSP industry trends we saw at IoT Playbook

Domotz recently attended the IoT Playbook an online event by ChannelPro which focused on creating recipes-for-success for MSPs. Through listening to speakers and various discussions with MSPs, we saw some key MSP industry trends emerging. 

Here are some of the top things we see coming to the MSP industry in the very near future. 

Cloud Computing vs Edge Computing

This year’s key sponsor of the IoT Playbook was Dell. So, the event definitely looked at how Dell is thinking about IoT. 

One of the key takeaways was that manufacturers are starting to figure out how to leverage Cloud Computing vs Edge Computing. 

This will have big ramifications on the processing power required at each end-point and the business network these end-points are on.  In general, this is going to have serious implications to how MSPs run their business and the opportunities for them to broaden their MSP service offerings. 

More processing in end-points and sensors

Manufacturers are starting to figure out how to put more processing into end-points and sensors.  From end-point to cloud, regardless of the system or solution, it is clear that MSPs are going to have to deal with more processing power on their networks. 

What this means for MSPs, is that these systems will be smarter and will need better monitoring and management tools. 

Tip: Domotz is a great RMM tool for this!

Security Camera monitoring 

From basic security cameras to advanced, AI-based cameras, it’s very apparent that MSPs are increasingly going to be dealing with these systems.  

Although security cameras have been around for quite a while, ensuring that they are working properly was typically left to a security guard watching it.  

As more intelligence is put into cameras, MSPs and IT departments are increasingly going to be the ones responsible for ensuring cameras are running properly.

Thermal cameras – another “hot” topic, yes pun intended!

With Covid-19 upon us, thermal cameras that monitor body temperature, heart rate, breath rate and oxygen levels are coming to the workplace – and soon.

There were even discussions about using Cameras in specific applications, like oil and gas, to detect methane levels.  

MSPs will be the ones responsible for making sure these systems are continuously running and a more advanced IoT monitoring tool like Domotz will be needed. 

While IoT Playbook really focused on cameras and servers, it was clear that MSP industry attendees were looking for use cases they can emulate.

 We loved sharing our use cases in a variety of markets like Oil & Gas and security camera monitoring in regulated industries, with the MSPs that stopped by our booth. 

Thanks for meeting us at IoT playbook and we look forward to continued success working together. 

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