Our list of the Best Podcasts for MSPs 

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Get into listen and watch mode with some of the top podcasts, webinars and youtubers that produced content for MSPs and service providers

Who doesn’t love a great podcast to get stuck in? We do, that’s for sure. 

Luckily in the MSP industry there are loads of great podcasts you can tune into to stay updated on the latest MSP industry trends. Many of them share practical tips on how to run your business better.  

So with that, here’s our list of the best podcasts for MSPs. 

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Some of the Best Podcasts for MSPs

1) MSP Unplugged

Hosted by Paco Lebron and Rick Smith, MSP unplugged is a weekly podcast for MSPs and service providers. We’ve heard many people rave about the content of this podcast so its well worth a listen.

About MSP Unplugged: 

This weekly podcast shares tips on how to run your business whether it’s Managed Services, Consulting, Break-Fix and anything in between. The podcast discusses topics ranging from how-to, customer service, business practices and more. Be a part of the show by emailing or joining the live chat.

Listen in to MSP unplugged now

2) Dave Sobel – MSP Radio

We love listening to Dave Sobel because of his enthusiasm, charisma and knowledge. He provides expert and practical knowledge on topics related to security, MSP regulations and industry trends. We’ve even been lucky enough to host Dave on an episode of MSP Blastoff on MSP Regulations

MSP Radio includes both the Killing IT podcast and The Business of Tech and is a great weekly listen for MSPs and service providers. 

About MSP Radio: 

Voices from the IT industry bringing you the latest news and commentary to stay better informed in your business.

Listen in to MSP Radio now

3) CompTIA – Business of Tech Podcast

Another great listen is from CompTIA with the Business of Tech Podcast. 

About the Business of Tech podcast: 

The Biz Tech Podcast focuses on the business of technology and CompTIA corporate membership. Listen in as industry leaders from CompTIA communities and councils discuss challenges and opportunities, strategies for success, leading and emerging technologies, and what it all means for your customers and your business. 

Listen in to CompTIA Business of Tech Podcast now

4) Paul Green – MSP Marketing 

When it comes to Marketing your MSP, Paul Green has a ton of knowledge, insight and experience coupled with a very engaging delivery. In fact, we were honored to host Paul Green on an episode of MSP Blastoff during which he dropped a ton of knowledge on MSP marketing

About Paul Green’s MSP Marketing Podcast: 

Listen every week for specialist marketing advice to get more new clients, grow valuable monthly recurring revenue, and ultimately increase net profit. The show is just 30 minutes long, out every Tuesday on your favourite podcast platform. 

Listen in to Paul Green’s MSP Marketing podcast now

5) Richard Tubb – Tubbtalk 

No MSP podcast list would be complete without Richard Tubb who hosts Tubbtalk. TubbTalk is a podcast for IT consultants that hosts MSP industry players providing the latest insights, news, and reviews from the IT world. Domotz were lucky enough to be on the TubbTalk previously too speaking on powerful next generation monitoring for your MSP. 

About the Tubb Talk podcast:

Whether you are an IT Consultant, an IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) or an IT Solution Provider business owner, TubbTalk – the Podcast for IT Consultants – will help you with valuable advice on how to be the best at what you do.

Listen in to TubbTalk now

6) MSP Alliance – MSP Zone

With over 10,000 downloads on PodBean, MSP Zone is not a podcast to be missed. The podcast is also produced by the MSPAlliance which is the oldest and largest professional association, as well as a certifying and standards-based body for the Manage Service and Cloud industry. 

Covering current news, topics and events for the global managed service professionals community, MSP Zone is a top pick for gaining valuable insight on extremely relevant topics if you’re an MSP or service provider.. 

About the MSP Zone podcast:

Weekly discussion of news, events, and topics of interest to the global managed services professional community. Series will have the latest and most relevant discussions in managed services and cloud computing, featuring special guests and notable figures in the profession.

Listen in to MSP Zone now

Great resources (that are not podcasts) but equally as informative and exciting. 

7) Lawrence Systems – YouTube Channel

Lawrence Systems is a YouTube channel that’s well loved by everyone in the service provider space. 

About Lawrence Systems YouTube Channel:

Lawrence Systems YouTube channel offers a look at how we run our company, the products we use and solutions we provide for our clients.  We discuss and create tutorials for firewalls, storage solutions, MSP tools, security tools and open source topics.  We do a live show every Thursday where we engage with our audience and have some laughs about working in the IT industry.

Watch Lawrence Systems YouTube channel now

8) Domotz – MSP Blastoff 

We could not complete a list on the Best Podcasts for MSPs without mentioning our own webinar series called MSP Blastoff. (Shameless self plug 🙂 MSP Blastoff is all about providing content for  MSPs and service providers to help you run your business better. We’ve covered topics such as; MSP marketing, the prospecting process, MSP upselling, MSP regulations, building customer loyalty and more. Check out the previous episodes of MSP Blastoff here

About MSP Blastoff:

Domotz’s MSP Blastoff Webinar series is all about learning and collaborating with top industry experts on how to provide your MSP with actionable tips that you can use straight away.MSP Blastoff addresses important topics service providers are facing in a conversational and interactive way that’s easy to listen to.

Watch MSP Blastoff now

9) TruMethods – The Cyber Call

The Cyber Call is a great security resource for MSPs and MSSPs to stay current on what’s happening in the MSP industry in regards to cyber security. You’ll love the engaging format and excellent line-up of industry experts. 

About the Cyber Call:

The CyberCall is a weekly 30 minute collaborative production that exposes MSPs and MSSPs to industry experts. These experts will share their knowledge about specific domains to elevate the cyber capabilities of you and your organization. The goal and outcome of this knowledge transfer are to enable our partners to apply these skills both internally and to your customers, resulting in an increase in both security posture and recurring revenue.

Watch the Cyber Call now

Anything else we should add to our post on the Best Podcasts for MSPs? We’d love to hear from you.

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