Raspberry Pi Quick Setup

If you already have Raspbian installed on your Raspberry Pi and are familiar with how to connect to it, please follow the steps below to install the Domotz Agent. If you’re starting from scratch, or isn’t familiar with how to use a Raspberry Pi with Raspbian, please see our Knowledge Base.

  1. Make sure your Raspberry Pi is connected to the internet
  2. Log in to your Raspberry Pi, the default username is pi and the password is raspberry
  3. Download the latest Domotz Agent for Raspberry Pi wget <file-path-as-specified-in-the-domotz-community>
  4. Install the Agent sudo dpkg -i <package name>
  5. Start the Agent sudo service domotz start
  6. Make sure everything is working service domotz status

The last step will also show the IP address and port that your Domotz Agent lives on. Simply enter that into your browser to continue the setup.