Installing the Domotz Agent

You’re now at the point where you need to download the Domotz Agent to your Raspberry Pi. The easiest way to do this is to connect your Raspberry Pi to the internet using a network cable which you connect to your router. Start the built in web browser in Raspbian and go to – [place holder for download URL]

The file should automatically end up in the /usr/home/Download folder and that’s fine. Now click on Menu, Accessories, Terminal. A command line window with some green and blue text should appear on the screen.

Type the following commands to get the Domotz Agent installed and hit enter after each line. Note that in place of <package name> you need to type the name of the file you downloaded. As you’re using Linux, you can type the first couple of letters of the file name and then hit the tab key and the rest of the text will be automatically filled in for you.

cd Downloads
sudo dpkg –i <package name>
Note: To list files in Linux, type ls and hit enter and you’ll see the files in the current directory.

The installer for the Domotz Agent should now be running. The installation will take anything between five and 15 minutes, as the installer is downloading the software and installing it onto your micro SD card.

Now we’re at the point where you will start the Domotz Agent. To do so, type the following and hit enter.

sudo /etc/init.d/domotz start

The Domotz Agent should now have started and we can proceed to the next step, which is setting up your account.