Agent web UI features

The Domotz Agent has its own web UI and although it has a limited scope of features right now, we are actively adding more more features to it.

Agent Info

Once logged in to the web UI you’ll see a page called Agent Info. It should show the status of your Domotz Agent as active if everything is working properly. You’ll also see the name of your Agent here, as well as the time zone and location. There’s also an option to reset your agent here, but more on that below.


Network info

The Network Info tab displays some potentially handy information such as your public (internet facing) IP address, your network gateway, DNS and DHCP server.


Internet route analyzer

The Internet route analyser allows you to send test packets to any website and measure packet loss in percent, as well as round-trip delays.


This can be useful to understand where bottlenecks and issues reside in communicating with an external web service. You can simply type in a website URL or an IP address to start the analysis, then select if you want to send 10, 20 or 50 packets. We’d recommend that you start with 10 packets. Once you’ve selected your options, simply click/tap on Start to start the test.

You’ll see a graphical representation of the route and once the test is finished, you’ll see how long it took and if there were any obvious issues in the router. You can click/tap on “See raw data” to get a full breakdown of the entire route. To start a new test, simply click/tap on Done and you’ll be taken back to the screen where you can enter a new URL or IP address.

This feature is based on MTR, a program that combines the functionality of traceroute and ping. It’s licenced under the terms of GNU General Public License Version 2 (

Internet speed test

The Internet speed test allows you to perform upload/download speed tests from your Domotz Agent to the nearest perfSonar server.


The speed test is based on NDT (Network Diagnostic Tool) which provides a sophisticated speed and diagnostics test. It relies on perfSonar, a global, widely-deployed test and measurement infrastructure composed of thousands of servers maintained and used by science institutions around the world, of which many are available for public use as well.

To run a test, simply click/tap on Start and your Domotz Agent will automatically detect the nearest server and run the test.

You can find a list of perSonar test servers here:

For more information about perfSonar, please see:

For more information about NDT, please see:

NDT is copyright of the University of Chicago and is used by Domotz in accordance to the terms of the NDT licence (

Agent Reset

If for some reason you’d like to wipe all the data off your Domotz Agent, you can do this via the Agent Reset button under Agent Info.


You’ll see a warning message and then be asked to confirm that you want to perform a reset.


Finally, you’ll have to enter your Domotz account email address and password to perform the reset.


Once done, you’ll be taken back the Domotz Agent login screen.