Remote Tech Support App – the Customizable Violet Digital Support App for AV Integrators

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A Innovative new Remote Tech Support App – the Customizable Violet Digital Support App for AV Integration Companies

Things are getting busy here at Domotz! We thought it would be helpful to start up a bi-weekly digest to keep all our Dealers up to speed on new features, new marketing assets and upcoming webinars.

Violet Digital Support App

The Violet App, is a Remote Tech Support App which integration companies can customize and then offer to their customers for remote support. The app includes functionalities such as:

Remote Support Request: your end users can request support from you directly via the app in 1-click

Remote Power Management: integrators choose which devices their customers can reboot remotely. This feature helps integrators save time because customers can solve simple problems – like rebooting the cable box – on their own
There are also future plans to update the Violet app. In the future the app will include more features that focus on security and parental control. The Violet Digital Support App is a first of it’s kind application which enables integration companies providing remote support to give something tangible to their customers. Often times, remote support has been criticized as invisible which makes it harder to sell. Fortunately the new

To get enabled to try the Violet Digital Support App, register for our network monitoring software on the Domotz homepage and send an email to expressing your interest in trialing the Violet Digital Support application. Last week we held our first Violet Digital Support App webinar. Over 150 dealers registered for the event. It was great to connect directly with our Dealers, hear all your questions and talk with people who are as passionate about Domotz PRO as we are!

Remote network management resources, assets and learning opportunities

We have added  new resources to our Remote Network Management Resources page called Think Tank.
We have also launched new weekly on boarding sessions for getting started with remote network management as well as monthly Q&A webinars for our existing dealers.
Our friends and live installer’s over at HomeTech Academy are also hosting new training sessions for Domotz, which you can register for here.

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For larger companies, Domotz also develops customized and white-label enterprise remote network management tools and smart home solutions for insurance companies.

Want to learn how our solutions can save you money and time and help generate recurring monthly revenue? Check out our Think Tank of remote network management resources.