Each customer that opts to have AV or Connected Smart Home technology professionally installed in their home by an Integration Company wants the best possible experience. They expect all their electronics to continually work all of the time. Unfortunately the more devices that are connected to a network, the more things can go wrong.

When homes have up to thousands of devices connected to their network, something is bound to go wrong at some point. That’s why it’s important that integration companies introduce the topic of getting technical support early. That way your customers know who and where to turn to when something does go wrong.

Innovative and forward thinking Integration Companies like New Land Solutions have realized that the number of homes with custom installed technology that will need Remote Tech Support Services is only going to continue to grow. That’s why New Land Solutions is offering new remote tech support schemes to their customers. Offering new tech support service schemes enable integrators to provide support to their customer networks for the smart home technology they’ve installed.

To launch a powerful and innovative remote support service scheme, New Land Solutions is using Remote Network Management Software. This new software includes powerful remote network management features, which enable New Land Solutions to solve issues with more intelligence, faster and with more authority.
Learn more about how New Land Solutions is re-shaping Remote Tech Support Services by downloading the full Case Study.