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Tired of paying costly subscriptions for Remote Desktop functionalities? Fed up with having to piece together bits and bobs of software to perform Remote Troubleshooting for multiple networks in different locations? Meet Domotz PRO a leading Remote Access Software for Web, Console and Remote Desktop Devices which includes a low monthly

Remote access software designed for remote troubleshooting multiple networks

Domotz, a leading provider of Remote Network Monitoring Software for integration companies and IT professionals, today announced the unveiling of Domotz PRO a remote access software for web, console and remote desktop which also includes comprehensive remote network monitoring and management features. Built for integration companies, IT professionals, service providers and hardware manufacturers, Domotz PRO is a professional grade software system which enables users to troubleshoot and solve network and device problems from remote.

“There are 100 million smart homes in the world of which only a small fraction are actively serviced. The market for smart home monitoring and remote tech support remains completely untapped,” said Domenico Crapanzano, CEO and Co-Founder of Domotz. “Domotz PRO was developed to help existing businesses diagnose and troubleshoot the millions of IT and device problems that happen every day in their customers connected homes.”

A feature packed remote access software for web, console and remote desktop devices

The software is designed to enable users to troubleshoot network and devices issues from remote, so physical presence on a site is no longer required.

Professional Monitoring Features: The software supports SNMP monitoring, multi-VLANs, multiple subnets and latency monitoring. In addition, Domotz PRO includes a unique automated network mapping feature which automatically detects the devices connected to the individual ports of a managed network switch.

Alerts Features: The software provides alerts based on the network status, when a device goes offline or when a new device is discovered on the network. Alerts can be applied to all devices, set up on a device basis or disabled to reduce unnecessary noise.

Diagnostics Functionalities: The software’s network diagnostic features include speed tests, internet health checks, network history logs and Ethernet port monitoring features.

Remote Power Management Features: The software includes remote power management features including remote power management, remote power device rebooting, PoE and Wake-on-LAN. The software also boasts support for the most popular PDU’s and managed network switches on the market.

Remote Access Features: Domotz PRO supports remote access to web, Console and Remote Desktop devices. Remotely desktop to computers and access all devices remotely which support web based connections. Connections can be established remotely through a variety of protocols including http, https, RDP, SSH and Telnet connection.

Automation System Integration: The software includes built in support for automation systems  such as Control4, Crestron, Lutron and AMX. Support for more automation systems has been planned to be integrated into the Domotz PRO remote access software.

A Customizable Customer Facing App: Users of the software get access to the Violet Digital Support App. The Violet App is a customizable customer facing app which integration companies can give to their customers. The app includes features for network security, troubleshooting simple IT problems in 1 click and parental control.

Remote Troubleshooting Functionalities: The software enables users to share a remote network with a hardware manufacturer for a more effective and streamlined troubleshooting session. The first supported hardware is Luxul devices.

Multi-Protocol Support:  The software includes support features for multiple protocols including IP networks, Cresnet and ZigBee. There are plans to add support for even more protocols including Z-Wave and KNX.

To date more than 1500 Integration Companies have signed up to use Domotz PRO for providing remote technical support to their customers. The software is currently used for remote access in more than 10,000 homes. The software can be used by integration companies to provide Managed Services for Smart Homes and spearhead profitable and scalable managed service schemes for remote maintenance.

With pricing starting as low as $2.99*/month per user for an unlimited number of devices, Domotz is affordable enough to be included on any home or business network. The software is especially relevant for homes with lots of networks and devices.

Get started today with Domotz PRO by registering on Domotz.

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Domotz develops disruptive remote network monitoring software for service providers, integration companies, manufacturers, and retailers. Learn more about our remote network monitoring features, low cost installation options and disruptive remote network management pricing.

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