Network Monitoring for the Retail Industry

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Every industry is undergoing a digital transformation, but few are changing as fast as the retail sector.

What this means is that physical retail stores are changing. Many leading retailers now rely on something other than a brick-and-mortar base. Others combine physical storefronts with warehouses and online facilities. Either way, physical retail stores are becoming more interactive, engaging, and filled with technology to engage potential customers. 

CTOs, IT managers, and Cybersecurity Specialists need a way to monitor global IT activities and all their in-store IT assets. Network monitoring solutions like Domotz can help retail companies manage their IT operations successfully.

Many global players in the retail industry already use Domotz to monitor and manage IT infrastructures. Look at our homepage to learn more about Domotz and see the names that already trust us.

Behind the scenes of retail’s digital transformation

Over the past fifteen years, we’ve assisted in the metamorphosis of an entire industry. If you asked people twenty years ago how they shop, most would have told stories about driving to malls and supermarkets.

The same question would likely draw answers today, including favorite retail platforms and online shopping apps. Some consumers prefer pulling out their laptops, while others are happy making purchases on their cell phones. Some consumers like shopping in a store, trying things out and then purchasing later online. 

As a result of changing consumer habits, the retail industry had to transform behind the scenes, too. Where retailers previously limited themselves to selling the stock they could physically store near their shop or in separate warehouses, they can now offer direct shipping from any location.

Retail stores are also transforming to attract more foot traffic from consumers. For example, your grocery store now includes app shopping in-store, self-check-outs, digital signage, interactive experiences, events, lighting, security cameras, and music. 

Changing retail experiences creates more dependence on devices working in a physical environment. Moreover, in-store shopping experiences are becoming very digital, and business owners must ensure that everything works. 

There are new levels of complexity and an increased dependency on IT infrastructure and in-store technology.

How Domotz can support global retail players

Retail businesses rely on complex IT infrastructures to run their operations. POS systems, digital signage, self-check-outs, interactive displays, tablets, kiosks, security cameras, mobile shopping devices, and more. Retail businesses must ensure their IT systems and in-store technology perform as expected. 

Full network visibility, proactive troubleshooting, It assets discovery, and network configuration management are some areas where network monitoring becomes a critical component in IT stacks.

Network monitoring systems like Domotz for retail environments allow owners and managers to monitor their devices, in-store technology, and corporate IT infrastructure from a single multi-tenant dashboard. Picture this as an all-seeing supervisor looking down on a busy shop floor from an upstairs office with large windows.

Domotz for the retail industry allows business owners to see which remote sites are working as expected. 

Here are some benefits for retail business owners that Domotz can provide. 

  • Ensure the network is running, and proactively monitor systems to avoid downtime and outages.
  • Improve security by scanning the network and be alerted if new devices show up.
  • Monitor POS systems, digital signage, interactive displays, iPads, Kiosks, security cameras, etc.
  • Monitor WiFi speeds to ensure optimal performance at different locations.
  • Ensure the entire IT infrastructure is performing as it should be.

Key Benefits of Domotz for Retail Environments

Take a closer look at some of the main benefits of remote network monitoring for retail businesses.

·   Manage IT systems, including multiple networks across multiple locations from a single interface. There is no need to switch between systems with Domotz. Instead, your team can always enjoy full network visibility.

·   Minimize travel time and costs for IT support staff through remote power management. Turn devices on and off as needed, provide remote assistance, and prevent downtime.

·   Maximize continuity across your operations through thousands of integrations, allowing you to continue using your existing IT stack.·   Easy setup and scalability. Getting started with Domotz is fast and straightforward. As your business grows, you can add additional remote sites to your monitoring interface. This gives you continuous access to critical performance statistics. Plus, you can also add alerts for more proactive monitoring.

Next Steps

Retailers around the world work hard to deliver seamless customer experience. As the industry evolves, customers are becoming increasingly demanding, and an integral part of a complex retail machine’s success is relying on a solid and well-monitored IT Infrastructure. Domotz is the essential tool designed to improve operational efficiency, cut costs and improve security.

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