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In short, network configuration management is part of your network management routine which involves ensuring the software and firmware running on your network-based devices are up to date and correct. 

These days we’re seeing more service providers looking for an easy way to manage the configs of their network devices like switches, access points, and firewalls. 

Wouldn’t it be great if your network management tool already had these features readily available? The good news is that Domotz supports a growing list of brands to backup switch configs, firewall configs, access point configs and more. Read on to find out how Domotz can help you backup configs for your key network infrastructure devices. 

Key network configuration management features

Firstly, managing network configurations can cover a host of different features. For example, some of those which are available on Domotz, include the following.

  • Automatically back-up configurations: Automatic back-up switch configs, access point configs, and firewall configs
  • Manually back-up configurations: Manually backup configs on devices too
  • Compare configuration versions: Compare across different versions and see if the running configuration is different from the saved one.
  • Alerts on configuration changes: get alerted if a network configuration changes
  • Alerts on different configurations: getting notified if the running configuration is different from the saved one. 

Network configuration backup and restore for switches, access points, and firewalls

Firstly, our network monitoring software already supports a growing list of the top brands in network infrastructure devices. To illustrate this, you can backup your network configs on the following devices.

In addition, we’ll be adding more supported brands to our list in the months ahead, so watch this space.

Why network configuration management is important? 

There are many reasons that you should start creating processes for managing the configs of key network infrastructure devices. 

Preventing downtime

Firstly, it probably goes without saying that downtime on a network is not good for anyone. Neither your clients nor your team will be happy when a network goes down. Furthermore, lost network configs can take a network down in seconds and severely disrupt business operations. On the other hand, managing the configs of network infrastructure devices lets you restore these devices if something does go wrong. To illustrate this, if a firewall configuration is suddenly lost, this would prevent use of the network. Moreover, having a network config management system in place, will help you immediately restore crucial devices using a backup. 

Cyber security

Protecting the safety of devices such as firewalls is a key component in your cyber security offensive. What if a configuration changes on your firewall unexpectedly. This could indicate real trouble. A network configuration management tool alerts you instantly if there are any changes to the configurations of devices crucial to your network’s cyber security.  Having a process in place for identifying configuration changes on crucial network infrastructure devices can definitely help keep your networks more secure. 

Healthy network management 

If you’re a service provider, you’re responsible for a network’s healthy functioning. This means you need to maintain processes that proactively care for and look after a network. Managing network configurations proactively ensures that your network is healthy and secure. 

So, are you ready to start managing the configs for your switches, access points, and firewalls? Save yourself the trouble and use Domotz network monitoring software. Learn more about managing network configurations

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