Advanced NETGEAR Integration available on Domotz 

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Advanced features are now available on NETGEAR devices 

Today we’ve got exciting news to share with you. We’ve just launched our new partnership with NETGEAR, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTGR), the leading provider of networking products that power businesses both large and small. 

Using NETGEAR products and Domotz? You’re going to get access to some exciting new features.  

Our new partnership brings you (Domotz users) cutting-edge new features on NETGEAR devices. Moreover, these include managed switches, Insight-based access points, and Orbi Pro wireless systems. 

NETGEAR integration snapshot

Thanks to the new partnership, we’ve developed advanced features for certain NETGEAR devices. The advanced integration allows you to add and manage a wide range of NETGEAR devices to your existing networks quickly and easily.

For NETGEAR switches, you’ll get access to new features like port mapping, PoE control, and configuration backup. 

For NETGEAR wireless access points and Orbi Pro routers and mesh systems, you’ll get access to end-point mapping, WAP reboot, signal strength indications, and more. 

Advanced NETGEAR Integration Feature details

A host of impressive new features are now available for NETGEAR products through our Domotz App.

NETGEAR integration on network switches
NETGEAR integration on Network switches
  •  For network switches: Domotz now includes automated switch port mapping, power management via PoE, bandwidth graphs, and information on errors and packet discards. Additionally, network configuration management features are now available including backup and restoration of configuration files. This includes alerts on configuration changes for added security, and the ability to compare and quickly roll back to previous configuration versions. 
NETGEAR integration on Access Points
  • For Insight-based wireless access points and Orbi Pro routers and mesh systems: more detailed information and analytics are now available. This new information includes the device, system, and network information. Additionally, it includes radio properties, controller and reboot details, client connections, and wireless LAN properties. 

Accessing the NETGEAR integration on Domotz

The new NETGEAR capabilities are now available on the Domotz App. Login or sign up to learn more. 

Learn more about the NETGEAR integration

What NETGEAR and Domotz are saying about the new partnership

“At NETGEAR we are always looking to make the lives of our business customers easier by providing them more control with less complication,” said Laurent Masia, director of product line management for managed switches at NETGEAR. “The addition of Domotz to our growing network of partners allows us to provide a feature-rich, elegant solution for monitoring and managing their valuable business infrastructure.”

We’re thrilled to be partnering with NETGEAR, the world-renowned leader in networking products,” said Silvio Di Crosta, CEO of Domotz. “Both Domotz and NETGEAR users will really benefit from this new partnership. These new features available for NETGEAR products will dramatically improve, visibility, control, and efficiency in managing their systems – and there’s more to come.”
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