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Extra Team Members Now FREE on Domotz 

We’ve got exciting news for you today and we hope you all will be very excited about it. We’re excited to share that adding extra team members on Domotz is now free on standard accounts. 

As a tool to help you run your business more efficiently, we feel it’s important for your whole team to know and use Domotz. You shouldn’t pay for that! We want each of you to have a unique login, as a shared account can be considered a security risk. 

You now can easily scale Domotz with your company’s growth, minimize risk with 2FA or SAML/SSO and audit team member usage through logging and reports. 

In case you missed the news, last month we also removed the fees for the IT Glue, Syncro, Kaseya and RepairShopr integrations and we’ll be adding more to this list soon. 

Check out our latest release notes to learn about all the features we’ve recently added to Domotz.

Removal of shared access limitations

In this latest release, we have also removed all the limitations with sharing your Domotz agents with external support teams. 

You are now in 100% control of who has access to your Agents and who doesn’t have access without limiting this capability to a certain number of external collaborators.

Adding your team members on Domotz

Domotz includes team management features so you can add all your team members to your account. Choose the appropriate role so you can give your team members access to agents as needed.  Leverage 2FA, or SAML/SSO, to ensure it is your team member logging in.   

Learn more about Adding team members to your Domotz account

The importance of multi-factor authentication (MFA) 

MFA is a hot topic in the MSP space right now as we know that security is top of mind for all of you. 

We’re going to be hosting a webinar with Evo on August 12th at 9 AM PDT / 12 PM EDT on the importance of MFA and how to use your security best practices to your advantage. We’d love for you to join us. 


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