Domotz Is Now Available On Windows Operating Systems

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Domotz released a new software agent for Windows. Now IT Professionals will have even more opportunity to integrate Domotz award-winning monitoring and management tools on their client’s networks. In addition to purchasing the Domotz agent pre-installed on a device or installing Domotz on a Linux distribution or NAS, service providers now have the option of installing the Domotz agent directly on Windows. This means that service providers can leverage existing Windows systems by installing the new Domotz agent to provide remote monitoring and management functionality.

The Domotz agent for Windows is currently in an open BETA with a release to production in the near future. If you are interested in testing this new Domotz agent in your environment, please click here to learn more about the Domotz agent for Windows and to download the installation software.

Note that the application will install an Oracle VirtualBox VM and will download the proper image containing the Domotz Software. Windows must have the virtualization option enabled for VirtualBox to run.

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