Domotz HaloPSA Integration – Document, Discover, Troubleshoot

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Tired of keeping your device inventories on spreadsheets? Need help organizing your networks and devices? Want to step up your network and device troubleshooting processes?

We’ve got the solution for you and its Domotz and HaloPSA working together.

Today we’re announcing the new HaloPSA integration to streamline your network inventory, documentation and troubleshooting processes which helps you work smarter. In other words, you can focus on keeping your customer networks running smoothly because this new integration will free up more of your time.

An integration that automates your workflows!

This new integration has two parts. Firstly, the documentation and device inventory part, identifies, tracks and footprints your assets in real-time. Additionally, the ticketing integration part, detects issues with your network and devices and sends the information directly to HaloPSA.

Here’s what the Domotz and HaloPSA teams are saying about the new integration.

“The most powerful network management services always stem from an accurate and real-time asset inventory and documentation of a network,” said JB Fowler, Chief Product Officer at Domotz. “We’re very pleased to offer these capabilities alongside HaloPSA, along with a robust process for troubleshooting issues more intelligently.” 

“We are delighted to team up with Domotz, as their product joins our list of integrations,” said Tim Bowers, Product owner at HaloPSA. “This integration helps our users to manage their assets and the services for their customers quickly, and with ease.”

How the Domotz HaloPSA integration works

  • Domotz discovers and footprints all devices on a network in real-time. Afterwards, HaloPSA is sent the information.
  • Domotz continuously updates new devices in HaloPSA.
  • Domotz generates a ticket in HaloPSA, when an important network event occurs or if a critical device goes down.
  • Next, HaloPSA notifies your team members so they can take action on resolving the ticket.
  • Domotz updates support tickets if a device or the network changes status. This provides the crucial information that you need for troubleshooting tickets.
  • Domotz closes tickets automatically. For example, Domotz will close a ticket if a device comes back online.

To conclude, this new integration has many benefits for your MSP business!

  • Work faster
  • Deliver great customer service
  • Automate your workflows
  • Keep your documentation organized
  • Create accurate device inventories because you get the latest information
  • Save time because useless tickets are automatically closed

Access the Domotz HaloPSA integration now.

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