Hi there. Thanks for reading the very first Domotz blog post! It has been an exciting few months at Domotz! If it is your first time here, you’re probably wondering exactly who and what Domotz is. Domotz Pro, is the world’s first disruptive platform, that enables home automation installers and IT professionals, troubleshoot their customer networks remotely by mobile and web app.

The Big Idea – Let’s Build a network monitoring system for AV integrators

The idea for Domotz came about when our co-founders – a home automation DIY-er, a computer networking guru and a software development wiz who insists he invented the first Tamagotchi – noticed they could no longer keep on top of the ever increasing number of electronic devices entering their homes. To make matters worse, all these devices had more complexities and “standards” than anyone could possibly need.

At the time, the home automation DIY guy – who by the way had no idea what a Tamagotchi was – had just moved into his newly built home and decided it would be a fantastic idea to connect no less than 150 different devices to his home network. Needless to say, his supposed “smart home” quickly turned into Technology Purgatory when he realized how difficult it was to manage and maintain all his cool gadgets himself. Many of his electronics often just stopped working for no apparent reason. And it always happened at the worst possible time – i.e. when he was about to use them. Instead of technology making life easier and more comfortable, he found himself spending his evenings – and many late nights – trying to troubleshoot things and then trawling internet forums and the online help sections for the devices. Ultimately he usually just ended up cursing a lot at the lack of answers. If you have ever dealt with any technology issue at home, I am sure you can sympathize with this scenario.

Rather than burning his new smart home down, our DIY guy called his two much smarter friends and together they started thinking about all the problems in the connected home that affect millions of people around the world on a regular basis. They also started imagining what would make the “smart home” deliver on its promise of making our lives easier and smarter.

That’s the story of how Domotz was created.

Network Monitoring features for AV integrators

Domotz Pro was born to address the growing need to provide Smart Homes with IT support services. It’s Network Monitoring Features include:

  • 24/7 Network Monitoring: ZigBee monitoring, device status, network status and service monitoring
  • Remote Device Access: Remote desktop, web and console access
  • Remote Power Management
  • Alerting: new device, device status, network status and service status
  • Network Mapping
  • Team Management: ability to monitor and troubleshooting networks in teams
  • A customer facing app: a simple app AV integrators can give to their customers for Network Management

All of these features together enable AV integrators to monitor their customer networks and technology remotely. Learn more about our Remote Tech Support System Pricing.

Help for the growing number of Smart Homes that need it

Smart home devices are estimated to grow at a compound annual rate of 67% over the next five years. That’s faster than mobile or tablet shipments. Fast forward a few years, and the numbers get a whole lot bigger. Gartner estimates up to 25 billion iOT devices in use by 2020. Samsung says that by 2020 all of their products will be connected to the internet and IKEA forecasts that within 10 years your entire kitchen will be digitized too. All of these devices provide an opportunity for new services – to help consumers with the growing number of IT issues they’ll face.

You’re up – Get started with Network Monitoring