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Domotz Agent on QNAP

This section contains a few tips on how to get started with the Domotz Agent on your QNAP.

Domotz Agent Installation on QNAP

To install the Domotz Agent on your QNAP:

    • Visit the App Center on your QNAP NAS.
    • Search for the Domotz app in the Home Automation Section.
    • Once you find the Domotz application click “Install”. Once the installation is completed click “Open”

Below are some screenshots outlining the steps in the process.



QNAP first time set-up

The next step is to configure your Domotz Agent.

By clicking Open on the first time you will be brought to the Domotz Agent activation page.



If you already have a Domotz account, you can login straight away. Otherwise you can create a domotz account signing up from here (please make sure you specify the right Country):


Once logged in you can finally activate your agent, with the following steps:

  1. Assign a name to the Agent
  2. Specify whether you run the agent at home or office
  3. Press the “Activate your agent” button


Once this has done , the Domotz Agent will proceed scanning your network for devices. This will take anything from a few minutes up to 15 minutes depending on how many devices you have on your network.


At this point you can download the mobile app (if you do not have already) and open it.



By pressing “Done” you will enter the local Domotz Agent Web UI.

This is not the main Domotz app, that is accessibile from mobile apps and our website. The local Agent Web UI is only meant to provide a small subset of the Domotz features (Agent info, Network Info, Route Analsis, Speed Test).


The Domotz App

The Domotz Mobile App is available for Android and iOS.

The Domotz Web App can be accessed by logging in our website.


Domotz User guide and documentation are available at Domotz Knowledge Base/


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