The top 10 Best Computer Networking Books for MSPs

Best Computer Networking Books for MSPs
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As an MSP or service provider of any kind, you need a solid understanding of computer networking. Although a lot of things can be Googled in seconds, nothing replaces a book with well-structured content and proven and practical examples. This is why we’ve come up with a list of the best computer networking books for MSPs. 

10 of the Best Computer Networking Books for MSPs and service providers

1. Computer Networks – Andrew S. Tanenbaum 


First on the list of our best computer networking books for MSPs, is Computer Network. This book covers various topics including Bluetooth, fixed coverage of ADSL, 3G cellular as well as peer-to-peer networking. In addition, it has eight chapters covering the physical layer, medium access control and the data link layer. As well as providing details on the basics, it does dive into advanced topics as well, ensuring it provides a great option for IT pros, ready to expand their knowledge. Get it here.

2. Network Programmability and Automation: Skills for the Next-Generation Network Engineer – Jason Edelman

Network Programmability and Automation

Guess what? Manual work is not anymore required! There are a lot of systems to help and network automation is becoming essential for network engineers, sysadmins and for every IT pro. This book tells us more about how to use new tools like Python, JSON, XML, and Linux that use code to automate complicated network systems. Get it here.

3. Hacking: The Art of Exploitation – Jon Erikson

Hacking the art of exploitation 

Here is a book about computer security and network security.  A comprehensive introduction to the techniques of exploitation and creative problem-solving methods commonly referred to as “hacking.” The second edition of this book will give you a complete picture of network communication, programming, machine architecture, and existing hacking techniques.  Learn about data and networking transport, virtualized networks and services, network topology and reacting to topology changes. Find out more here.

4. Network Warrior – Gary A. Donahue 

Network warrior

This guide was written by a networking veteran with 20 years of experience teaches MSP business owners how to operate and handle real Cisco networks. It provides step-by-step learning solutions covering an assortment of topics such as firewalls, routers, switches as well as various other forms of network technology. Find out more here.

5. Network Security Assessment: Know Your Network – Chris McNab

Network security assessment

This is a practical book about network complexity. It gives you some very important tricks and tips on how to identify and assess risks in Internet-based networks. In addition, you can adopt this book using its testing model to deploy and manage networks that are immune from attack. In this book, Chris McNab, a security expert and hacker shares testing tactics that can be adopted to evaluate the security of networks. Find out more here.

6. Defensive Security Handbook: Best Practices for Securing Infrastructure Lee Brotherston and Amanda Berlin 

Defensive security handbook

Learn the fundamentals of starting or redesigning an InfoSec program from this step-by-step guide for dealing with security breaches, password management, compliance and vulnerability scanning. This book is a practical guide providing you with some ideas on how to drive maximum-security improvement. Find out more here.

7. Computer Networking: Problems and Solutions Russ White and Ethan Banks 

computer networking problems and solutions

This book provides a unique perspective of networking with a problem-solving approach. As well as focusing on current systems, it also delves into the future of networking that MSP professionals should be aware of right now. It explains the key problems that any protocol or system will need to overcome and delves into some of the more common solutions that are available.  Find out more here.

8. The Illustrated Network: How TCP/IP Works in a Modern Network – Walter Goralski 

the illustrated network

This second edition contains more than 300 diagrams and screenshots, as well as topology diagrams to explain how TCP/IP works. The author uses a working network configuration that includes workstations, servers, and routers. This book gives insights into the most up-to-date network equipment, operating systems, and router vendors. Find out more here

9. Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach – James Kurose

Book of computer networking

The author of this novel teaches at the University of Massachusetts and he specializes in areas such as network protocols, architecture as well as multimedia communication. It is a widely recommended text for data communication courses and is suitable for those with absolutely no background in this area. The publisher’s website also provides useful animations to help those diving into this book for the first time which enhances the learning experience. This makes it ideal for IT professionals. Find out more here.

10. CompTIA Network+ Deluxe Study Guide with Online Labs: Exam N10-008 – Todd Lammle

Best computer networking books for MSPs with the cover of the deluxe study guide

The 5th edition of this book is your one-stop resource for the ultimate exam preparation. Firstly, it is written in accessible terms and it has been designed to help you learn and master your certification exam. Secondly, it covers 100% of the objectives of the exam, it’s clearly written and well-structured and includes over 300 electronic flashcards to reinforce learning. Find out more here.

Running an MSP business will always require a huge amount of the right kind of knowledge. However, arming yourself with the best books on computer networking is a great way to stay ahead and keep your knowledge up to date. Firstly, this will equip you with the right knowledge of computer networking. Secondly, it’ll make sure you have a relaxing way to keep your knowledge up to date. 

Any other books we should add to the list of our Best Computer Networking Books for MSPs? Drop us a line on Twitter

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