Network Security Best Practices: 10 Measures to Implement and How Can Domotz Help

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In an age where cyber threats loom at every corner of the digital landscape, securing your network is not just an option. It’s a necessity. 

For you as an IT professional, crafting a robust network security strategy is paramount. The challenge, however, lies in knowing where to start and what measures are truly essential. 

This article introduces a comprehensive network security checklist detailing every organization’s critical steps to safeguard their digital assets. It includes the following network security best practices:

#1 Comprehensive Network Map #6 Secure Network Architecture
#2 Strong Access Controls#7 Vulnerability Assessments
#3 Regular Software Updates#8 Suspicious Network Traffic
#4 Network Endpoints#9 Incident Response Plans
#5 Encryption Techniques#10 Cybersecurity Best Practices

Network security is a blend of software, hardware configurations, and policies that work together. They aim to defend a network from potential attacks or unauthorized intrusions.

Network security is essential because it safeguards an organization’s data integrity. It also protect confidentiality, and availability from cyber threats like hackers and malware. 

A compromised network can result in significant:

  • financial losses
  • reputational damage
  • legal challenges

Additionally, robust network security ensures smooth business operations, maintains stakeholder trust, and helps comply with regulatory standards. 

Essentially, effective network security is fundamental to maintaining a secure and resilient organizational infrastructure.

Going on, you can read more about each of the network security checklist components: 

Action: Create a detailed inventory of all network-based devices, including routers, switches, firewalls, and endpoints.
How Domotz Can Help:

Leverage Domotz to automatically discover and map all IP-connected devices on the network, assess their status in real time, and receive alerts for any critical changes or issues. This proactive approach enhances network reliability, simplifies troubleshooting, and ensures optimal operational efficiency. 

You can use our asset discovery and classification feature to discover network-based assets quickly and easily across all your networks, associated VLANs, and subnets.

Domotz also offers a network topology mapping feature, which provides a graphical representation of how devices are connected to each other on the network.
Action:Ensure only authorized personnel can access sensitive information.
How Domotz Can Help: Domotz enables the configuration of granular access controls, allowing you to define user roles and permissions precisely. Thus, you can rely on Domotz to ensure that individuals only access the information and tools necessary for their roles. 
Action:Keep all network devices and software up to date with the latest security patches and firmware updates.
How Domotz Can Help:

Domotz’s monitoring capabilities include alerts for new firmware updates and potential vulnerabilities, helping you stay ahead of threats by ensuring devices are always up to date.

Our software can also help you backup and restore network configurations for switches, firewalls, and access points and get alerts about changes.

Check out our backup control and configuration management integrations. 
Action:Implement endpoint protection solutions and monitor endpoints for suspicious activities.
How Domotz Can Help:

Domotz provides detailed monitoring of any network endpoint, including activity logs and real-time alerts for unusual behavior, aiding in the rapid detection and response to potential threats. 

In other words, Domotz can help you with network management by offering secure remote connections, SNMP sensors, TCP services, and custom integrations. These enable teams to work smarter and faster by continuously monitoring and logging data from all connected devices.
Action: Apply strong encryption standards for data at rest and in transit to protect sensitive information.
How Domotz Can Help: While Domotz itself ensures encrypted communication between its agents and the cloud, it also provides insights into the encryption status of devices and traffic, helping identify areas where encryption needs to be strengthened.
Action:Design the network with security in mind, including the use of firewalls, segmentation, and VPNs for remote access.
How Domotz Can Help: Domotz supports network segmentation efforts by providing visibility into network traffic and device connectivity, facilitating the identification and isolation of segments.

Check our network performance and security features.
Action: Perform routine network scans to identify and address vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.
How Domotz Can Help:

Domotz can significantly aid in conducting regular vulnerability assessments by providing tools that continuously scan and monitor network devices for potential security threats. It alerts users to unusual activity and insecure configurations, enabling IT teams to address vulnerabilities promptly. 

Additionally, Domotz’s ability to integrate with various security vulnerability scanners means that assessments can be comprehensive and tailored to specific network needs, enhancing overall cybersecurity posture.
Action: Use network monitoring tools to detect unusual traffic patterns or unauthorized access attempts.
How Domotz Can Help: Domotz’s continuous monitoring and alerting capabilities enable the detection of anomalous traffic and potential security breaches, facilitating quick mitigation actions.
Action:Establish a detailed cybersecurity incident response plan and conduct regular drills to test the organization’s readiness.
How Domotz Can Help:Domotz can be part of an incident response strategy by providing the necessary network insights and device access control to identify and isolate affected systems quickly.
Action: Regularly train employees on the importance of cybersecurity and how to recognize potential threats.
How Domotz Helps: While Domotz focuses on network monitoring and management, it contributes to cybersecurity awareness by highlighting the importance of network hygiene and enabling IT teams to share insights on network health and security posture with the wider organization.


Implementing these measures will significantly enhance an organization’s network security posture. Domotz’s capabilities in network monitoring, device management, and security compliance play a pivotal role in supporting these essential security measures.

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