Monitoring an IoT Aquarium with Network Monitoring Software

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Recently I set up a small aquarium and worried with the coming winter I wanted a more accurate temperature reading. For this, I got a Raspberry Pi Zero W (~$ 15.00) and the waterproof temperature sensor DS18B20 (~$3.00). It was not difficult to find good sources of projects using this sensor to monitor the temperature and show it on an LCD display that already had from other projects. In total I spent $16.00 on this project, but I still could not receive automatic alerts when the temperature dropped or rose beyond the acceptable limit.

Last week one of our customers asked us about a temperature sensor compatible with Domotz Pro and when I answered him I came up with the idea to make the sensor readable via SNMP. Doing that I would be able to configure alerts using Domotz SNMP/TCP Sensors. I went home, tested the solution and confirmed that everything was working! With two scripts and the native SNMP service of the system I was able to make the temperature sensor readings available to the Domotz Agent.

I made the project available in our community, as I monitored the temperature of the tank other customers can use the same method to monitor any other system or environmental parameter using Domotz Pro.

If you want more details please visit our community.

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