8 Geeky Tech Gadgets designed for IT pros

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Let’s face it, buying gifts that an IT professional will love is no easy task. IT professionals always have all the latest tech gadgets so finding something unique requires a lot of research.

Don’t sweat it though, we’ve done the work for you.

We’ve scoured the web and all the latest tech gadgets available and picked the best ones that the IT professionals in your life will definitely love.

Or, maybe you are an IT pro and want to share this list with Santa and his elves too?

Keep reading to find out the top tech finds for IT professionals this holiday season.

Santa, in case you are reading, please take note too!

Here is a list of some of the cool tech gadgets of the moment you should consider:

1) Yubikey 5 Series Hardware Authentication

More security is always better, right? If so, consider this easy-to-use tech gadget with modern authentication to boost your security.

Yubico offers rapid integration of hardware-based strong authentication with the SDK devices of the series Ybikey. 

Security is a major concern for every client and business these days. As such, it does make sense to invest in tech gadgets and equipment that can help keep your clients’ data safe. Yubikey offers strong, two-factor authentication, multi-protocol security key providing you with the extra level of security across desktop and mobile. This tech is designed to stop account takeovers on a large scale and is already trusted by millions of users on the market. It can even help you avoid delays with logins. 

Approximate cost: $55

Yubikey Hardware Authentication tech gadget

2) Cloudlifter microphone booster

Make your voice heard loud and clear when you’re helping clients remotely with this nifty Microphone booster. 

Look for a Cloudlifter microphone booster or activator made by Cloud Microphones. If you are providing support to your clients remotely, then you need to make sure that you are delivering the right standard of service. It’s important to ensure that clients can hear you clearly and don’t miss any key pieces of advice. This will lead to them becoming frustrated because it will take more time to correct the issue. It could also lead to negative reviews. A Cloudlifter microphone booster will provide broadcast-quality sound from the microphone that you are using. This means that your output will be clean and clear. It’s widely used by podcasters but can be useful for anyone that needs high-quality sound solutions. 

Cloudlifter microphone booster tech gadget

Approximate cost: $149

3) Surface Pro 8

Have you ever heard “First impression is the best impression?” Well, maybe. What experts say is that when we meet someone for the first time, our brain processes information about a person’s face, posture, and voice which leads to quick conclusions about his qualities. 

Make the best first impression with a hybrid laptop Surface Pro 8. This essential piece of kit for any IT professional provides a simple design that is user-friendly and will be perfect for boosting levels of productivity. With a hybrid laptop, you can take advantage of a full laptop while switching seamlessly to a tablet. This is not simply a tech gadget. It can be really useful when you’re on the move and explaining tech details to your clients as well as when you are onboarding a new client. You can also complete various pieces of documentation as you continue to walk through company computing facilities. 

Surface Pro 8 tech gadget

Approximate cost: $1599

4) HALO Bolt 58830 portable charger

There are tons of portable chargers you can find on the market but Halo is a unique tech gadget. It’s awkward and it can look incredibly unprofessional if your tech becomes unusable while you are working on a project. Usually, this will occur because your device has run out of charge.

With the Halo Bolt 58835 charger, you can ensure that you always have the mobile power supply that you need, not only for your phone, tablet, and other handheld devices but also for your car. There are various charges available on the market for devices like laptops but this one packs more power. It even has enough juice to kickstart a car. So, you can make sure a car failure won’t leave you late reaching a business address too. With features like a convenient LED flood light, customers frequently rely on the Bolt as a power source during power outages to keep their electronic devices charged.

Halo Bolt tech gadget

Approximate cost: $99

5) Corsair K95 RGB PLATINUM XT Keyboard

The right keyboard is always going to be an essential piece of tech for any IT professional. While there are lots of different keyboards on the market, the Corsair K95 Platinum XT is rated highly by programmers specifically. It provides dedicated media keys as well as a USB pass-through link. It also has lighting that you can custom choose for the specific environment you’re working on. While the keys are quite loud for typing in an office, they can be switched for quieter options. 

Corsair Platinum XT keyboard tech gadget

Approximate cost: $199

6) Mila Smart Air Purifier

Mila Cares is the company to provide the winner of Time Magazine’s next inventions of 2021 – a refreshingly thoughtful air purifier that’s cleaning up home air quality.

If you are working as an MSP or you make part of an IT support team, you will likely spend most of your time working in an office or fixing issues remotely in another business environment. It’s important to make sure that your work environment is supporting your wellbeing. That’s where this device could be incredibly useful. 

Mila Smart Air Purifier can guarantee that toxins are removed from the air keeping it clean and clear. As well as benefiting your health, this will ensure that you are able to think more clearly and achieve higher levels of productivity overall. 

Mila Smart Air Purifier

Approximate cost: $399

7) Muse S Intelligent Sleep Support

MSPs and IT professionals have a very busy and stressful jobs and sleep is hugely important. However, have you ever asked yourself questions like “Is it really important to get 8 hours of sleep?” or “How does sleep help concentration?”

Muse Intelligent Sleep Support will give you those answers. Muse is a brain-sensing headband that uses real-time biofeedback to help you refocus during the day and recover overnight. Muse S is the second generation of the popular EEG-sleep support technology. 

“For many of us, increasingly busy days translate into busy minds at night and restless sleep,” said Muse’s Chief Science Officer at Interaxon, Walter Greenleaf. 

This updated brain-sensing headband offers personalized insights for your better sleep. It uses real-time biofeedback to help you learn the art of mediation as well as help you fall asleep, stay asleep and now go back to sleep if you awaken during the night.

Muse S intelligent sleep support 

Approximate cost: $279

8) Rest+ Ultimate Smart Sleep Machine

Don’t forget to ask Santa for something for your kid too! 

Hatch is a US company that helps people sleep better. The founders always believed technology could improve lives. Rest+ is the ultimate proof of this idea. It’s an all-in-one sleep machine for babies and kids, with a clock, voice control, and more. There is an App you can connect to the device to create dream schedules with one-touch programs for bedtime, nap time, and wake up. You can control all remotely using your favorites with iOS and Android devices.

Why this machine is so useful is that it can help your baby sleep through the night so you sleep better and stay more productive during the day. If you have a toddler instead, you can use something called four color system to teach him when it’s time to get ready for bed when it’s time for sleep, and time to get up. 

Hatch Rest+ Ultimate Smart Sleep Machine

Approximate cost: $89

Of course, there is no doubt that a Domotz Box is always a good choice to save yourself some time!

Domotz Box

Approximate cost: $109

Whatever your choice, the right moment to find your new favorite tech gadgets for you and your IT friends is now. There are some great options available for you this holiday season. You just need to look around to find the right deal on these items as well as countless others that could be useful in your profession. 

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