Poll: How IT Professionals Like To Go On Summer Holiday

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Top holiday destinations for IT professionals this summer. 

With the warm weather, we thought asking the IT community how they like to go on summer holidays would be fun. After all, we all need a break from time to time to recharge, relax and rejuvenate. This is especially true for IT professionals who work so hard daily. 

That’s why we asked the IT folks on the Spiceworks Community, where they love to go on summer holidays, and the results are in. Do IT Professionals love going to the beach or staying home? Read the IT professionals summer holiday poll on Spiceworks to find out more.

Read on for the top holiday destinations for IT employees this summer.

With that, here are the top holiday destinations the IT community loves for the summertime: 

Top holiday destinations IT professionals

#1 – Beach – Tied for the Winner 

It’s no surprise that for many people working in IT, heading to the beach is the top choice for the summer holiday. 

A beach holiday can help you escape the hustle and bustle of everyday busy IT life. Immerse yourself in the seaside, enjoy the beauty and tranquility of nature, and try out some fun activities like beach volleyball, building sandcastles, and more.

A beach holiday is my personal favorite as well! Good choice. 

#1 Stay home – Tied for the Winner

It’s a big surprise that many people working in IT like staying home for the summer holidays! This is due to lack of holiday time, and wanting to enjoy the nice weather at home. We do hope that everyone gets a summer holiday at some point. Check out our top tips for avoiding MSP Burnout

#2 – Road Trip

IT professionals also seem to love road trips! In second place for most popular holidays this summer amongst IT professionals are road trips. 

Who doesn’t love a great adventure into the unknown? A road trip is embarking on a journey in a car. Usually, you make lots of stops and explore destinations on the way. Drive from one place to another, spend lots of time in the car, and be adventurous. Road trips can be long or short-lasting, from a single day to months.

#3 – Camping

Grab your tent, sleeping bags, bonfires, and marshmallow roasting sticks! Camping is another popular choice for summer holidays amongst IT professionals. 

Camping can help you reconnect with nature, unwind, and create lasting memories in the great outdoors. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or an extended adventure, camping allows you to escape the routine of daily life. Immerse themselves in the simplicity and beauty of nature.

#4 – Visiting Family and Friends

As many of us don’t live near all of our friends and family, summer is a great time to visit your friends and family too. Summer is the perfect time of the year to spend time with loved ones, relatives, or friends who live in different locations. 

It’s not surprising that IT professionals enjoy reconnecting, catching up, and spending quality time together with family and friends during the summer holidays. 

#5 – Cottage

Cottage holidays for summer are my favorite ones. Many IT professionals also enjoy cottage retreats during the summer holidays as well. Cottage retreats offer a unique and often cozy retreat away from the hustle and bustle of urban life, providing a chance to relax, unwind, and enjoy the charm of a traditional or modern cottage.

One of the members of the Spiceworks community describes cottage holidays best: 

The cottage will often be outside of a small town on a river or lake, or just in the woods.  Historically they are where VHS tapes would go for if it was raining while you were there (now at least DVD if not Blu-Ray) as there normally no TV or internet.  Board games and books would be kept there as well.  The building itself was often just wooden walls with no insulation as it was intended for summer use only, some still had outhouses (speaking from experience).  A fire pit for bonfires were practically mandatory (before fire bans), and at least a canoe if on the water.  Many beers, and a good amount of barbequed food would be consumed.

#6 – Music and Art Festivals

Many Spiceworks community members also like attending music and arts festivals over the summer holidays. 

A music and arts festival is an event that brings together various forms of artistic expression, including live music performances, visual arts, theater, dance, and more. 

Festivals can range from a few days to a week or even longer, and they often take place in outdoor venues such as parks, fields, or dedicated festival grounds. 

#7 – Local Pool

If you can’t get away on summer holiday, another great way to relax, re-charge and unwind is by taking a dip at the local pool. Cool off from the summer heat at a local pool or even an inflatable pool in your backyard. 

#8 – Cruise

All aboard! Ready for a cruise? Although cruise ships became sort of infamous during the pandemic, it looks like they are making a comeback as a holiday destination. Some community members like going on a cruise for the summer holiday. 

A cruise is a large passenger ship, with many amenities and activities onboard. Cruises typically follow predetermined routes or itineraries, visiting multiple destinations. 

#9 – Touring Caravan 

Last but not least, one of the members of the Spiceworks community loves the idea of a touring caravan for the summer holidays. Not quite a road trip, not quite a cottage, a touring caravan is unique. 

A member of the Spiceworks community describes the touring caravan experience:

Used to rent cottages or lodges, then a few years back bought a touring caravan (for US types, think 5th wheel RV, minus the need for a 5th wheel)

Can nip away for weekends or weeks all over the country as we see fit (and work holiday allowance permits).”

Where will you be on summer holiday?

We hope that everyone gets a break this summer! And, we hope you enjoy all the unique and fun ideas we include in this post that IT professionals love for a summer holiday. 

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