How beginners can start coding with JavaScript

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What would the world look like without JavaScript?

If you’re not a professional developer, you probably haven’t given a thought to how important programming languages are. For instance, without JavaScript, most of your favorite websites wouldn’t function properly. And your smartwatch? Just a fancy bracelet.

Above all, this is the world’s most popular programming language.

Read on to find out why JavaScript is a favorite beginner programming language. Start coding today! We’ll also show you fun, actionable ways. Let’s dive in!

Why should you start coding with JavaScript?

What does it have that other programming languages don’t?

There are countless programming languages you can learn, many of which require the same basic knowledge as a starting point. But this program is especially appealing to beginners.

JavaScript is beginner-friendly

Sometimes, there could be barriers to entry. For example, some languages require you to download specific software to write your own code, which can be confusing and a learning curve on its own. Sometimes, there are barriers to entry

Start coding in a more easy way by using this programming language. Your internet browser already has a JavaScript console installed! Just open it up in your develop settings and you can start inspecting and learning its code right away.

JavaScript is used everywhere

JavaScript makes the appearance of the Internet ‘beautiful’ (also in combination with CSS). All those fancy-looking websites and apps? Chances are, they use JavaScript for dynamic aesthetics and functionality.

But there’s more, coding with JavaScript allows you to build and control the ‘back-end’ side of websites, applications, and integrations with your favorite tools. It has the power to connect websites to servers, build mobile and web apps, and even develop games.

It’s an incredibly versatile programming language and some skills can transfer to other languages like Python and Java later in your coding journey.

How do you get started coding with JavaScript?

Even if JavaScript is a beginner-friendly programming language, it can feel overwhelming to know where to start. Do you buy a coding book? A JavaScript course? Although there’s a wealth of resources online, many experts advise the best way to start your coding journey is to get hands-on!

We’ve found some fun and immersive tools to help you start learning coding with JavaScript at your own pace.

1. Codepip

Firstly, Codepip teaches you to code using JavaScript through interactive games. There are currently three JavaScript-based games that teach you different aspects of the language such as array methods, math, and scope. The idea is that you’ll learn the syntax as you move through each game, using commands to perform game actions like tidying a room or feeding a robot.

It’s free to create an account and get started with the free coding games. There are very affordable paid options too if you want to access ad-free premium games.


Secondly, CODR tests developers of all skill levels using short, fun JavaScript challenges. It’s free and you don’t have to create an account to get started. As a beginner, you’ll select the ‘practice’ made and the beginner level. From there, you’ll find dozens of levels to the practice mode which each use super basic logic-based questions to teach you the fundamentals of JavaScript.

3. Crunchzilla

Crunchzilla is for every age and allows users to get stuck right in without creating an account. Code Maven is a great place for most beginners to get started. Maven directs you through easy mini-lessons on how JavaScript coding works and you learn through action! Each lesson gets progressively more difficult and takes you from simple shapes and colors to more exciting animation and physics.

You can access lessons by progressing in order, or by viewing the lesson list at any time. It’s a clean, easy-to-understand interface where your code yields immediate, visible results.

4. CodeCombat

CodeCombat was created with classrooms in mind, but you can jump into a game as a student without enrolling. This is a visually rich dungeon crawler-type game where you’ll learn JavaScript coding on the fly as you navigate your way through the levels. It’s designed for beginners and gets progressively trickier. Instructions are always available when you need them. You control your character’s movement and actions using simple JavaScript and complete objectives as you go. A must-try for gamers and beginner developers!

5. JavaScript for Cats

Remember we mentioned that your browser has a JavaScript console built right in? JavaScript for Cats is a cute, super fun way to try it out in real-time. it takes you through the very basics of how this program works and encourages you to experiment in your own browser. They recommend using Google Chrome, but it’ll work in any modern browser.

There’s a fun way for everyone to get to grips with basic JavaScript. Once you have an understanding of how coding with it helps you create things, how can you apply what you know in the real world?

Create Custom Integration Drivers with JavaScript and Domotz

If you’re keen to apply JavaScript knowledge to your MSP business, Domotz lets you develop and add your own custom drivers to the platform. The Domotz interface already has a ton of available device data for you to view, but creating your own scripts kicks things up a notch and unlocks even more potential.

For instance, it enables you to do things like trigger alerts when data doesn’t quite look right, automate device actions, and gain access to advanced insights.

In summary

To sum up, JavaScript is the world’s most popular programming language and it’s easy for beginners to learn. As a coding language, it can make websites and apps look attractive and give back-end processes all kinds of functionality.

It’s best to learn hands-on and to do that, there are several games to help you apply what you learn. Eventually, you can use this working knowledge to create apps, websites, games, and custom integrations drivers.

There’s never been a better time to start!

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