Over the past few weeks most of the Development Team have been focused on implementing the new Domotz SNMP/TCP Sensors that are now available in Domotz PRO.

Domotz SNMP/TCP Sensors are the new advanced monitoring capabilities for SNMP, TCP and, in the future, ZigBee monitoring.

A Domotz SNMP/TCP Sensors snapshot: 

    • Each Dealer is automatically allotted 5 SNMP/TCP Sensors for advanced TCP and SNMP monitoring.
    • The Domotz SNMP/TCP Sensors enable the ability to specify SNMPv2 OID to be monitored and the ability to set-up alerts (based on the value of the OID).

In the coming months, we’ll be releasing templates for Domotz SNMP/TCP Sensors which will make the application of SNMP Sensors and TCP Monitoring on a large number of devices much easier to configure and scalable. With the upcoming templates you’ll automatically be able to apply the Domotz SNMP/TCP Sensors on multiple devices which have the same configuration (like Crestron or Cisco).

Log in to the Domotz Portal to start experiencing the new SNMP monitoring features using the 5 Domotz SNMP/TCP Sensors you’ve been allotted.
snmp - Domotz network monitoringTo access more than the 5 allotted SNMP/TCP Sensors, you’ll need to upgrade your plan from the Domotz Portal. Reach us on support@domotz.com for any questions about the SNMP Sensors and TCP Monitoring.