Feature Flash: Advanced SNMP & TCP Port Monitoring Features now live in Domotz Pro


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Domotz Eyes – SNMP & TCP Port Monitoring Now Live!

Over the past few weeks most of the Development Team have been focused on implementing the new Domotz Eyes that are now available in Domotz PRO.

Domtoz Eyes are the new advanced monitoring capabilities for SNMP, TCP and, in the future, ZigBee monitoring.

A Domotz Eyes snapshot: 

    • Each Dealer is automatically allotted 5 Eyes for advanced TCP and SNMP monitoring
    • The Eyes enable the ability to specify SNMPv2 OID to be monitored and the ability to set-up alerts (based on the value of the OID)

In the coming months, we’ll be releasing templates for Domotz Eyes which will make the application of Eyes on a large number of devices much easier to configure and scalable. With the upcoming templates you’ll automatically be able to apply the Eyes on multiple devices which have the same configuration (like Crestron or Cisco).

Log in to the Domotz Portal to start experiencing the new SNMP monitoring features using the 5 Domotz Eyes you’ve been allotted.
snmp - Domotz network monitoringTo access more than the 5 allotted Eyes, you’ll need to upgrade your plan from the Domotz Portal. Reach us on support@domotz.com for any questions about the Eyes.

Think Tank

We’ve improved the UX on our Think Tank to make it easier for our Dealers to get caught up on marketing and sales collateral.

As long as you’ve created your Domotz PRO account there are no more forms to fill in to get marketing assets!

snmp monitoring - digital support servicesDomotz Pro Brochures

We’ve added our Domotz PRO and Violet app brochures to the Think Tank. You may find these useful to distribute to your customers or partners.

Domotz PRO Brochure   Violet Brochure

Manufacturere Support Feature - Streamlining Luxul TroubleshootingLuxul Manufacturer Support

We’ve released new manufacturer support features for Luxul devices. A time-saving win for both integrators and manufacturers.

Read the press release

Upcoming Online & Live Events to Experience Domotz PRO’s SNMP Monitoring

Here’s where you will be able to find members of the Domotz team in the next few weeks.

Next Issue

Feature Flash is due ever 2 weeks, so watch this space! In the meantime don’t forget to check out our Think Tank for all the latest free learning and marketing resources to help you grow your remote managed services.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to write to us on dealers@domotz.com or in the Domotz forum.

About Domotz

Domotz develops disruptive remote network monitoring software for service providers, integration companies, manufacturers, and retailers. Learn more about our remote network monitoring features, low cost installation options and disruptive remote network management pricing.

For larger companies, Domotz also develops customized and white-label enterprise remote network management tools and smart home solutions for insurance companies.

Want to learn how our solutions can save you money and time and help generate recurring monthly revenue? Check out our Think Tank of remote network management resources.

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