Domotz PRO is a powerful remote network management software which enables service providers to offer remote technical support services to their customers. The software includes advanced network monitoring features such as network mapping, SNMP monitoring and Cresnet device management which can be used for the provision of remote support.

Since launching less than 3 years ago, the software has shown impressive user uptake. To date more than fifteen hundred integration companies have signed-up to use the software; which is being used to provide remote support services to over ten thousand networks.

The software continues to evolve on a monthly basis. Each month new features are added which improve remote technical support capabilities. Each month we host a webinar which is designed to keep our users updated on the latest features. During the webinar anyone can ask a question and get an answer in real-time. In addition these sessions provide critical information on using the latest features.

SNMP Monitoring and Cresnet Device Management explained

This webinar cover is hosted by our CTO, Silvio Di Crosta who leads the software development teams at Domotz. Silvio is a technical genius with over twenty-five years of software development and management experience. He’s led the Domotz Pro product roadmap since the company was founded in 2014.

Silvio explains and demonstrates the latest Domotz PRO features including SNMP monitoring and Cresnet device management.