The growth of smart home penetration and Internet of Things (IoT) Technology is proving a huge opportunity for Integration Companies, IT Professionals and Service Providers. More consumers are bringing devices into their home that need professional level support and assistance. At the same time, inefficient, costly, and unreliable remote access software can create a huge headache for Home Technology Professionals.

Unreliable remote access systems that don’t make the grade

UK based Integration Company, New Land Solutions, was faced with a that very dilemma. Existing monitoring and remote access systems were proving to be unreliable, not scalable and way too expensive to implement on large scale.

That’s why New Land Solutions was looking for a new solution to use as the platform for it’s remote support services.

The company had previously tested and installed many different brands of monitoring software, but found that none were efficient and reliable enough to deploy on a large scale.

The supposed reliable network monitoring software often went down without notice or stopped working without cause.

At the same time, New Land Solutions was also looking to expand its business and offer more products and services at a lower price point. This meant they needed a more affordable and scalable remote access software solution.

The solution: remote access software that works

New Land Solutions chose Domotz PRO to power their concierge support service called The Digital Butler. They decided to choose Domotz PRO network monitoring software because it was reliable and affordable.

Affordable: scalable and profitable solution for Home Technology Professionals and Businesses

Reliable: stayed up, and was always working as it should

Business growth: Because of its low monthly cost, Domotz PRO would enable New Land Solutions to build a profitable Digital Support offer for more customer segments.

Comprehensive features: network monitoring, remote access, remote power management and tech support features

The Remote Access Software in Action

New Land Solutions now uses Domotz PRO software in a variety of scenarios to perform remote troubleshooting and security actions.

Remote Device Access and Configuration: The team frequently use the software to remotely access devices that need to be configured. When a new device needs to be installed, the team can complete the entire operation from remote saving money and time.

Heating Safety Monitoring: Heating gateways can be remotely monitored and accessed in emergency situations to ensure that no consumer has cooked floors.

Flood Sensor Monitoring: Flood sensors are also being monitored to ensure that there are no burst pipes or floods.

Landing Helicopters: For New Land Solutions, Domotz PRO has even saved the day one time – literally. A helicopter was attempting to land on the property, but could not because of severe fog. Unfortunately, the CCTV security camera was also down at the time, leaving the pilot without visual of the ground condition. New Land solutions used the Domotz BOX and Domotz PRO software to power the security camera remotely to get it working again; so that the pilot was able to safely land the helicopter.

Using Domotz’s remote access software, has saved New Land Solutions money, time, and many headaches. “Domotz PRO has gotten us out of jail more than one time!” said Luke Newland, New Land Solutions. “We would not have been able to attack new customer markets with the existing monitoring solutions available prior to discovering Domotz PRO.”