Network Management Case Study: Monitoring and Remote Access to Improve Client Care For Best Buy

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Network Management Case Study: Growing Network and Device Challenges become an opportunity for Customer Engagement and Better Support

Today’s integration companies are faced with many different and new challenges. Their customers want the latest smart technology installed in their homes, at the lowest possible price point. As smart home technology becomes more mass market, this trend is only going to continue.

Once new technology is installed in a home, regardless of how much has been spent, all home owners want the same thing in the end; a completely seamless experience with no technology related headaches.

The integration companies that are servicing smart homes, installing new technology and configuring the networks, now need to find scalable and profitable ways to provide remote assistance. Afterall, when lots of devices and the latest smart home technology is installed on a network, it’s only a matter of time until something goes wrong.

Finding a way to provide remote support is especially challenging for integration companies which serve both high end and mid-market customers,. Each of these customer segments have very different budgets. Even the lower fruit customers want the very best experience, without investing much.

This means that today’s Integration Companies need new affordable ways to provide real-time remote support without having to sacrifice important features like remote access and remote power management. To keep everyone happy the software behind these new services needs to be affordable. Period. If the underlying software used for remote support is too expensive, than integration companies have little chance of building a profitable remote support service. This is mainly because if the underlying technology is too expensive, then the cost of the maintenance service will also be too expensive.

Turning new challenges integrators are facing into an opportunity

There are some smart home integration companies like Texas based Digital Delight, which are turning new challenges into an opportunity to be more relevant.

Digital Delight provides it’s customers with an innovative Network Health Management Service, which is powered by the Domotz PRO remote network management software. The Network Health Management Service that Digital Delight provides offers real-time remote support and assistance services to home owners.

The service reduces friction and improves the support process, because the company is actually able to offer real-time help to customers right when they need it. Because of the affordable pricing point of the underlying remote network management software, Digital Delight has been able to develop a service that’s in reach of both high and low end customers. This is huge. Now Digital Delight has a means to make all of their customers happier, instead of having a service that’s only in reach for high value customers. All homes with professionally installed technology deserve an intuitive, easy and enjoyable smart home experience which is best accomplished with remote assistance service.

An innovative Remote Network and Device Support Service

To drive uptake of the service, Digital Delight has created its own support scheme which includes added perks savings when on-site visits are required to fix an issue. By using an incentive like discounted service calls, the message to customers is simple; invest in remote management now and you’ll save costs and time later.
After testing Domotz PRO, Digital Delight rolled out its Network Health Management service. The service is now live in 10+ sites and they aim to include it in every new project.

“Domotz is the way to go. It’s affordable, easy to use and the customer support is the best in the industry!” (said JJ Canon, Owner, Digital Delight) “The amount of client satisfaction being able to solve an issue in real-time is unbelievable!”
Through Domotz PRO Digital Delight can solve issues in real-time. For example, when a troubled customer calls the Digital Delight support team with an issue, the team can reboot the customer’s device remotely –to solve the issue in real-time, right in front of their eyes.

Launching a Network Health Management Service has driven significant results for Digital Delight including better client satisfaction, outstanding client care, increased revenue and overall happier customers.

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