Access Networks (, the premier provider of enterprise-grade network solutions for residential integration, has announced an agreement to bring the Access Networks Live Monitoring service together with the Domotz monitoring solution under a single, intuitive user interface. This initiative will bring significant added value to integrators and their clients, providing both the groundbreaking proactive network health overview of Access Networks Live Monitoring along with the effective device monitoring Domotz has become renowned for. The total package delivers enhanced functionality and greater efficiencies within the luxury residential network monitoring realm.

Domotz offers a highly effective, affordable network device monitoring solution with client-centric tools such as an intuitive app called Violet and an array of monthly report options. Domotz is an ideal resource for integrators because it is affordable and can be deployed across jobs of any size to enhance service capabilities. When an integrator deploys a project that includes Live Monitoring, the two services combine to create the ultimate comprehensive network and device monitoring solution.

Because of how vital network monitoring has become as a resource for integration professionals and their clients, Access Networks now includes 1-year of their Live Monitoring with the purchase of a Core Systems solution. This advanced technology, utilizing the Cenersys-powered Helix hardware, has enabled Access Network’s team of support engineers to provide a superior proactive monitoring solution with the capacity to diagnose and often repair a problem before it becomes visible to the homeowner. Unlike any other service, Live Monitoring provides enterprise-grade network health data under the watchful eye of Access Network’s industry-leading team of support engineers. Our team of engineers is your first responders. Now in conjunction with Domotz, a dedicated tile will automatically populate within the Domotz user interface for any Access Networks’ installation that includes a Helix device and activated Live Monitoring service plan, effortlessly providing the team with access to all critical data.

“As the scale of your network grows, so should the monitoring solutions that support it. Domotz offers an excellent, cost effective, network monitoring solution easily deployed on projects of all sizes, while Live Monitoring adds the network health insight that more advanced, enterprise grade, network solutions require” said Nathan Holmes, Access Networks technical trainer.

Access Networks Live Monitoring with Domotz is available now.

About Access Networks

Access Networks is the leading provider of pre-programmed, enterprise-grade networking solutions for the CE Space. Since 2003, Access Networks’ certified team of IT and AV professionals has designed and maintained networking solutions that are customized to handle the complex needs of the automated residence. Utilizing the best enterprise-grade hardware, Access Networks works directly with custom integrators around the globe to provide their clients with a best-in-class solution, and first class service and support. Learn more at

About Domotz

Founded in 2014, Domotz develops remote network management, monitoring and tech support systems for integration companies, IT professionals and hardware manufacturers. The award-winning Domotz Pro platform is powering client care in 90+ countries and is used by leading integration companies such as Best Buy’s Magnolia. A rapidly growing player in the smart home space, Domotz has established partnerships with a number of leading hardware manufacturers, service providers, and integration companies. For more information about Domotz solutions visit